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EPA Resources on Wet Weather    

Resources from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  • EPA’s Emerging Technologies Report on Wastewater Treatment (PDF) This technology guide will help municipal wastewater treatment system owners and operators find information on emerging wastewater treatment and in plant wet weather management technologies to help them meet their current and future treatment requirements. Featured technologies can be used to reduce the capital and operation costs of wastewater treatment, provide more advanced levels nutrient removal, and better management of wet weather flows at the treatment plant. The document identifies cost effective innovative and embryonic technologies, or established technologies with innovative applications, as well as an extensive list of fully established technologies. Technical and cost data for more than sixty innovative technologies and more than twenty five embryonic technologies are provided. February 2008
  • Proposed Peak Wet Weather Policy Fact Sheet (PDF)
    December 2005 EPA fact sheet regarding the Proposed Policy on Permit Requirements for Peak Wet Weather Discharges from Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Proposed Peak Wet Weather Policy (PDF)
    EPA draft memorandum proposing the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Requirements for Peak Wet Weather Discharges from Publicly Owned Treatment Works Treatment Plants
  • CSO Control Policy (PDF)
    Final Combined Sewer Overflow Control Policy published in the Federal Register on April 19, 1994
  • CSO Guidance For Long-Term Control Plan (PDF)
    August 1995 EPA guidance to facilitate implementation of EPA’s Combined Sewer Overflow Control Policy
  • CSO Guidance For Nine Minimum Controls (PDF)
    May 1995 EPA guidance to facilitate implementation of EPA’s Combined Sewer Overflow Control Policy
  • Just added! Coordinating CSO Long-Term Planning with Water Quality Standard Reviews (PDF)
    July 2001 EPA guidance addressing impediements to implementing water quality-based provisions in CSO Policy
  • Report to Congress on Impacts and Control of CSOs/SSOs (PDF)
    Executive summary of report EPA delivered to Congress in August 2004 regarding the extent of human health and environmental impacts caused by combined and sanitary sewer overflows (View full report)
  • CSO Guidance for Monitoring and Modeling (PDF)
    January 1999 EPA guidance for monitoring and modeling combined sewer overflows
  • Computer Tools for Sanitary Sewer System Capacity Analysis and Planning (PDF)
    October 2007 EPA document intended to help communities with sanitary sewer overflows develop optimal capital improvement projects by utilizing methodologies and computer tools