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Watershed Management Policy & Guidance

Watershed Trading Legislation/Regulation, Policy, and Guidance:

U.S. EPA Trading Policy
The US Environmental Protection Agency issued a “Final Water Quality Trading Policy” in 2003. The purpose of the policy is to provide guidance and encouragement to states, tribes and others that wish to develop trading programs by affirming that trading can be implemented under the Clean Water Act, addressing specific ways trading should be aligned with provisions of the CWA and regulations, and identifying features of credible trading programs.

Chesapeake Bay
A document titled “Chesapeake Bay Program Nutrient Trading Fundamental Principles and Guidelines” was released in 2001. The document presents fundamental principles and guidelines for nutrient trading in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. This document intended to be used on a voluntary basis as a guide for those Bay jurisdctions that choose to establish nutrient trading programs. The document is based on the Nutrient Trading Negotiation Team's comprehensive consideration of numerous other trading programs and approaches, substantial research, and corresponding lengthy neogtiations.