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Research & Reports

WEF Research & Reports

Third-Party TMDL Development Toolkit
Under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, WEF has developed a Tool Kit forthird-party TMDL development.

Phosphorous Credit Trading in the Cherry Creek Basin: An Innovative Approach to Achieving Water Quality Benefits
This comprehensive report documents the development and implementation of the Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority's watershed-based trading program in Denver, Colorado. It addresses lessons learned, guidelines, and patterns emerging from the growing field of trading. Published by the Water Environment Research Foundation.

Nitrogen Credit Trading in the Long Island Sound Watershed
This publication details Connecticut's demonstration trading program for nitrogen, which was designed to address issues of Hypoxia in Long Island Sound. The trading program is a point source to point source trading program, but allows for provisions for inclusion of nonpoint sources in the future. Published by the Water Environment Federation.

Non-WEF Research & Reports

Water Quality Trading Assessment Handbook
This handbook provides an analytical framework to assess the conditions and water quality problem(s) in any specific watershed and determine whether Water Quality Trading (WQT) could be effectively used. The framework is illustrated through the use of example trades in a hypothetical river basin to familiarize the reader with the requisites and potential benefits of specific trading scenarios. For this reason the handbook is useful reading for anyone who wants to learn more about WQT and the essential functions that a WQT market should deliver. Published by the US EPA.

A New Tool For Water Quality: Making Watershed Trading Work for You
This document provides a discussion of watershed trading from the environmental NGO perspective. This document provides a checklist of safeguards to protect water quality that is useful for anyone interested in pursuing watershed trading. Also includes useful appendices listing trading-oriented web sites and state contacts. Published by the National Wildlife Federation.

Fertile Ground: Nutrient Trading's Potential to Cost-Effectively Improve Water Quality
This book discusses many facets of trading programs and explores a number of case studies from trading efforts in the Upper Midwest, with an emphasis on the economics of trading. Published by the World Resources Institute.