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Case Studies Addressing Innovative (Utility) Approaches to Watershed Management

USEPA Assistance Agreement #83291701-0

Water and wastewater utilities throughout the country are faced with growing populations and aging infrastructure straining existing facilities’ ability to meet regulatory requirements.  Innovative watershed management practices can be more cost effective than facility upgrades and expansion, while meeting permit requirements and ensuring water quality. This report documents proven strategies for implementing such innovative and green practices in the following case studies, covering a broad representation of utilities:

  • Philadelphia Water Department, Howard Neukrug P.E.
  • Kentucky Sanitation District No. 1, Amanda Waters
  • City of Portland Environmental Services , William Ryan and Mary Wahl
  • Boothbay Region Water District, Dennis George, Ph.D. Tennessee Technological University
  • San Antonio Water System, Steve Clouse

A transcript of the webcast panel discussion is included in the report. The report concludes with a number of ideas for new WEF webcasts that are currently being considered by several of WEF Committees, such as the Small Communities Committee (SCC). If you are interested in nominating a case study or learning more about the new projects under development, please contact the WEF SCC staff liaison, Matt Ries, at

This document is funded under USEPA Assistance Agreement #83291701-0. The report was developed by the WEF Innovative Approaches to Watershed Management Project Task Force, consisting of the following members:

Theodore Slawecki, Chair  LimnoTech 
Steve Ainsworth, EPA Program Officer (Nov 2007-08)  EPA 
Kevin McCormack, EPA Program Officer (Oct 2006-07)  EPA 
Dennis George, Ph.D.  Tennessee Technological University 
Brian Marengo, P.E.  CH2M Hill 
Trinka Mount  Ohio Environmental Protection Agency 
Dipankar Sen, Ph.D.  Santa Clara (CA) Water District