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Water Reuse

Water Reuse PhotoLess than one percent of the world's water supply is potable, making water reclamation, also known as water reuse, a crucial practice that ensures there is plenty to go around. In addition to the use of reclaimed water for potable purposes, water quality experts support the consideration and use of highly treated reclaimed water for indirect potable reuse. The reuse of municipal wastewater for beneficial purposes is an important aspect of the world's total water resources management. 

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  • Joint WEF/AWWA/WRA Literature Review on Gray Water 

  • National Database of Water Reuse Facilities Released
    The WateReuse Association maintains the National Database of Water Reuse Facilities (NDWRF), a comprehensive web database of U.S. water reuse facilities and programs. The database is available to professionals, regulators, educators, researchers, and interested citizens and will serve as an industry benchmark as water reuse expands in the future. The database is segregated into key topic areas including Utilities, Facilities, Treatment Technologies, and End Use with the capability to query information by individual states as well as nationwide.


Members of the general public can access a limited view of the database using the following login information:

    Username: guest
    Password: water
    For more information about the database (including full access) or to submit updates, please contact  

Opportunities for Involvement

  • Water Reuse Committee
    The WEF Water Reuse Committee develops, recommends, and conducts programs to promote general understanding of water reuse for non-potable and potable uses.