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November 15, 2011 

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NBP Webcast: Renewable Green Energy from Biosolids – POTW Case Studies Attempting to Achieve Net Energy Production

The National Biosolids Partnership (NBP), in conjunction with WEF, is hosting a no charge webcast on Wednesday, December 7 from 2:00 – 3:15 pm EST. The theme of this webcast is Renewable Green Energy from Biosolids – POTW Case Studies Attempting  to Achieve Net Energy Production.

Renewable green energy potential from wastewater treatment facilities has spurred a tremendous amount of interest in an economy that faces ever increasing costs for energy. This no charge webinar will examine WEF’s role in promoting green energy and present case studies from wastewater facilities to achieve zero net energy utilization to becoming a new energy producer. Attendees will learn approaches being taken from an east and west coast wastewater agency to achieve both zero net energy utilization to becoming a net energy producer; learn about the newly adopted WEF Renewable Energy Generation from Wastewater Position Statement; and learn about biosolids energy recovery methods that are proven, available and emerging. Registration 


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Palo Alto, CA Compost Center Advocates Score Victory  

A The November 8 Palo Alto, CA Daily News reported that voters had an unambiguous answer Tuesday to a question that has split local environmentalists into two bitterly opposed camps. Residents voted to have the city set aside 10 of Byxbee Park's 126 acres for a possible state-of-the-art composting center. Measure E sailed to victory with about 64.4 percent of the vote but did not push a particular project. Rather, it set aside land for the purpose of building a facility capable of processing yard trimmings, food scraps and biosolids from the Regional Water Quality Control Plant. Full Story 

Lambertville, NJ Sewer Upgrade Expected to Reduce Odor, Pollution

The November 15 Hunterdon County, NJ Democrat reported that upgrades to the Lambertville Municipal Utilities Authority’s outdated plant equipment and electrical system are nearing completion. The $7.3 million project, which will allow the plant to meet criteria for the treated wastewater it releases, minimize odors and maximize its energy efficiency.  Among its green efforts are the use of wastewater as a heating and cooling source for the authority’s administrative building and the recycling of treated wastewater for vehicle washing and sewer jetting. Full Story 

Portage County, OH Approves $7 million Bid for Biosolids Drying Plant in Streetsboro

The November 2 Gateway News, OH reported that Portage County commissioners have given the go ahead to build a new biosolids drying plant in Streetsboro to handle the tons of byproducts left over from wastewater treatment. The plant will be built on the site of the county's current facility and will use huge, gas-fired dryers to remove the water. That mass currently is pressed at the Streetsboro site, reducing it to about 750 tons a year of digested, dewatered biosolids referred to as "cake." The county has been paying area farmers to allow the county to spread this "cake' on farmland as a fertilizer and soil conditioner. Full Story 

End of Chlorine Gas at Silicon Valley's Largest Wastewater Treatment Plant

The November 10 San Jose Mercury News, CA reported that thousands of pounds of chlorine gas stored at San Jose’s wastewater treatment plant in Alviso and used to disinfect wastewater from 14 million people will be replaced with liquid chlorine as part of a $10.8 million upgrade to the facility. San Jose is the latest among a growing list of major U.S. cities to phase out chlorine gas in favor of safer alternatives at wastewater treatment plants. Full Story 

Many Anaerobic Digesters Coming Online in 2012 in Idaho, but will Rush Continue?

The  November 8 Idaho Business Review reported that the number of dairy methane digesters in Idaho could double next year, thanks to efforts being made by the dairy industry to cut its carbon footprint and by investor companies hoping to profit from energy production. The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, the Dairy Research Institute and Idaho's Center for Advanced Energy Studies, or CAES, want at least 1,300 anaerobic digesters dotting the country by 2020. There aren't yet 200 digester facilities operating nationwide. The capital construction and installation costs to start a digester are steep, but the practice has long been used in Europe to cut down on methane emissions, harness renewable energy and help dairies remain viable. Full Story 

Biosolids Research Continues in New Zealand

The November 16 Kaikoura, New Zealand Star reported that the issue of biosolids and what to do with them is the subject of a research study currently being done in Kaikoura. The group is exploring a number of options with the community. The aim of the program is to enable an informed decision to come from the community. From a possible 19 options initially discussed, five have been highlighted from a gathering held earlier this year. All are land-use based options. An economist is currently working out the costing and economic viability for these five options. Full Story 

Organic Waste Management Study Approved for New Brunswick, Canada Agency

The October 19 Kelowna Capital News, New Brunswick reported that the Central Okangaan Regional District board approved a contract for reviewing, assessing and providing options for organic solid waste management in the Central Okanagan.  The assessment will look at all of the organic waste streams including: yard and garden waste, wood waste, food waste and biosolids. The biggest reason for the assessment is to find solutions for managing food waste, which is estimated to generate more than 30,000 metric tons every year to the Central Okanagan solid waste stream. Full Story

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Registration Open for 2012 Residuals and Biosolids Specialty Conference

Join WEF in Raleigh, N.C. March 25–28, 2012 for the 26th Annual Residuals and Biosolids Conference. This conference will highlight beneficial reuse options, science, and technologies currently available to leverage biosolids as a valuable resource. This is one show you won't want to miss, so register today! To view list of WEF conferences and webcasts, click here 

Exhibition and Sponsorship Opportunities Selling Fast at Residuals and Biosolids 2012

Exhibiting at the 26th Annual Residuals and Biosolids 2012 Conference provides networking access to a targeted audience of new and returning attendees with a high level of buying intent. Consider sponsoring to receive unparalleled exposure before, during, and after the show with registration giveaway items such as eco-friendly lanyards or water bottles.

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NBP Webcast: Renewable Green Energy from Wastewater and Biosolids

NBP, in conjunction with WEF, is hosting a no charge webcast on December 7 from 2:00 – 3:15 pm EST. The theme of this webcast is Renewable Green Energy from Wastewater and Biosolids – POTW Case Studies Attempting to Achieve Net Energy Production. Professional Development Hours will be available for participants.  Registration 

EPA to Host Energy Management Webcast Series for Water and Wastewater Utilities

EPA is offering the first Energy Management Webcast Series Webcast on Reducing Operating Costs with Energy Use Assessments and Auditing on Thursday, December 1 from 1:00 – 2:15 pm EST. This webcast will focus on two key elements of energy management for utilities (1) determining how much energy your utility is using in each part of your operation and (2) conducting an energy audit to identify specific opportunities for greater efficiency and expected cost savings. Information on various assessment and audit tools will be provided, including those geared specifically to small and medium sized utilities.  Registration Information 

WERF 7th Annual Research Forum

The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) is hosting its 7th Annual Research Forum on December 6 from 11:00 am-5:00 pm EST. Registration Costs: WERF Subscribers – Free, Non-subscribers – $99 , Faculty – $49, Student – $29, Group License – $250. During this interactive event, participants will learn the latest on important issues to the water quality community, including: operations and technology, asset management, novel treatment technologies, nutrients: from removal to recovery, and stormwater. Click here to learn more about the agenda, topics, researchers and industry experts at this year's Forum.  Registration 

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