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Region 1 Contacts

Biosolids Coordinator

Michael Cobb
US EPA Region 1
Office of Ecosystem Protection
5 Post Office Square, Suite 100
Mail Code: OEP06-1
Boston, MA 02109-3912
Tel: 617-918-1369
Fax: 617-918-0369 

Biosolids Coordinator

John Murphy
Boott Mills South
100 Foot John Street
Lowell, MA 01852
Tel: 978-349-2514
Fax: 978-323-7919  

Pretreatment Coordinator

Justin (Jay) Pimpare
Region 1
One Congress Street
Suite 1100-CMU
Boston, MA 02114-2023
Tel:  617-918-1531
Fax: 617-918-2064


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Region 1: Rhode Island

Connecticut | MaineMassachusettsNew Hampshire | Rhode Island | Vermont

State Contacts

Biosolids Coordinator
Alex Pinto

Promenade St.

Providence, RI 02908

Tel: 401-222-4700 x7227

Fax: 401-222-3564

Pretreatment Coordinator
Bob DiSaia 

Supervising Engineer 

Permits, Pretreatment & Planning Section 

RI Dept. of Environmental Management 

Water Resources Division 

235 Promenade Street 

Providence, RI 02908 

Tel: 401-222-6519

Fax: 401-521-4230