WEF/NJWEA Water Reuse in Food and Beverage Industry

NJWEA Annual Meeting Atlantic City, New Jersey 
05/13/2013 - 05/14/2013

This workshop will be held during the The NJWEA 98th Annual Conference. For further information on the conference or workshop, please click HERE.


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Water is a critical resource for the food and beverage (F&B) industries. It is used for numerous purposes, including chilling, heating, washing, rinsing, sanitizing, processing, and conveying. Large amounts of water are also incorporated directly into a wide range of products. For example, food processing and beverage manufacturing facilities often dilute food and beverage items with water or use water as the primary ingredient.  

There are several important trends and drivers shaping water management innovations in the food and beverage industries:

• F&B industries are increasingly utilizing advanced technologies and practices for wastewater treatment and water reuse rather than relying solely on freshwater withdrawals and potable water supplies.
• Improved water use efficiency, water reuse, reduced wastewater discharge, and associated energy savings can translate into lower operating costs.

This workshop is geared towards promoting awareness and understanding of reuse opportunities and practices within the F&B industry. The workshop is presented by lead practitioners and engineers in the F&B industry who will be sharing their experiences, lessons learned, and predictions on new and future trends in an interactive and learning environment. The program highlights case studies of real world examples, expert presentation, and hands on group exercises. There will be an opportunity for participants to examine potential issues with reuse, identify reuse opportunities, and participate in an open forum about solutions and approaches to F&B water-related issues.