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The Government Accountability Office (GAO) on May 4 released a preliminary report on the Use of Funds for Clean and Drinking Water Projects under Recovery Act. (Pub. L. No. 111-5). David Trimble, Acting Director for the GAO testified before the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on May 4 on preliminary observations on States’ use of Stimulus funds for Clean Water and Drinking Water projects. The report found that nationwide, the 50 states have awarded and obligated the almost $6 billion in Clean Water and Drinking Water SRF program funds provided under the Recovery Act and reported using the majority of these funds for wastewater treatment infrastructure and drinking water treatment and distribution systems, according to EPA data. In the nine states GAO reviewed, states used these funds to pay for infrastructure projects that help to address major water quality problems, although state officials said that in some cases, Recovery Act requirements, particularly readiness-to-be-built, changed their priorities or the projects selected for funding. The nine states also used their Recovery Act funding to help economically disadvantaged communities, although officials indicated that they continue to have difficulty helping these communities.  The report also summarizes the jobs created by the Stimulus funds.