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On November 12, 2010, EPA’s Offices of Wastewater and Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds released a memo on stormwater Waste Load Allocations (WLA) in the NPDES and TMDL framework.  This memo is an update from the 2002 memo on the same topic.  The recently released memo was directed to the EPA Regional Offices and provides an updated view of how stormwater discharges should be permitted and accounted for in the regulatory environment.  The changes in policy that are suggested by EPA Headquarters focuses on conditional allowances for numeric water quality based effluent limitations associated with stormwater discharges; disaggregating stormwater sources in the TMDL setting; the use of surrogates, such as runoff volume or flow for pollutants; and  the potential expansion of residual authorities granted to regulating agencies on stormwater discharges.  While this updated memo does not act as official guidance or policy from EPA, it does provide insight on the continued march towards enhanced regulation of stormwater discharges in EPA’s view.  WEF’s Government Affairs Committee Stormwater Work Group has reviewed this document and is preparing to submit comments.