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According to the White House, President Obama will propose increasing funding for clean energy technology by one-third in his fiscal year 2012 budget, to $8 billion. The push for more funding follows the president's call in the State of the Union address January 25 for the nation to generate 80 percent of its electricity from “clean” sources by 2035 and to put 1 million advanced vehicles on the road by 2015. The proposal would increase the total budget for clean energy technology to $8 billion, a one-third increase over 2010 levels.  According to a White House fact sheet on the State of the Union speech, the funding, which would be used to expand clean energy innovation through research and development, would be paid for by eliminating about $4 billion in annual tax subsidies for oil, gas, and other fossil fuels,. The president's budget proposal is due to be released by mid-February.