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The House Appropriations Committee on February 11 passed a continuing resolution (CR) spending bill (H.R. 1) to fund government operations for the rest of FY 2011.   H.R. 1 is $100 billion less than the President’s fiscal year 2011 request, with  $81 billion cut from non-security programs, and security-related programs reduced by $19 billion.  The full House is expected to vote on the CR before the current temporary CR expires on March 4 as Congress must come up with a spending plan for the rest of the fiscal year, which ends September 30.


Specifically, HR 1 cuts the EPA budget by $3 billion, which is 29% below fiscal year 2010. About $2 billion of this cut would come from the Clean Water and Drinking Water SRFs.  In addition, the bill cuts climate change funding government-wide by $107 million, or 29%, from the fiscal year 2010 enacted level.  The bill also includes a funding limitation for the duration of the CR on EPA’s ability to prohibit or restrict the emission of carbon dioxide or methane from any stationary source.


The CR also includes a provision to eliminate any unobligated “stimulus” funding approved in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), resulting in reductions as much as $2 billion. The CR includes no earmark funding and eliminates all previous earmark funding from fiscal year 2010, resulting in reductions of approximately $8.5 billion. In addition, the bill includes language specifically negating any and all earmarks as defined by House Rules.