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EPA awarded $600,000 to River Network to engage communities and increase citizen connection, understanding, and stewardship of urban waterways. This award was made through the Targeted Watershed Grants Program and is an Urban Watershed Capacity Building Grant. The goal is to support a new urban waters restoration movement by building highly capable organizations that are self-sustaining and can carry out programs to protect human health and the environment. The urban waterways in many communities are compromised landscapes, impacted by various sources of pollution and often neglected and ignored. This capacity building grant will provide local organizations, tribal and local governments with skills and techniques to protect their urban waterways and promote more vibrant, economically sustainable communities.


EPA initiated the Targeted Watersheds Grant Program in 2002 to encourage successful community-based approaches to protect and restore the nation's watersheds. Watershed health is important to providing clean, safe water where Americans live, work and play.  Since 2003, more than $50 million has been provided to 61 organizations through EPA Targeted Watersheds Grants.