Municipal Resource Recovery Design Committee's

Fundamentals Outreach Subcommittee

The Fundamentals Outreach Subcommittee shall, in close coordination with other MRRDC Subcommittees, identify, develop, and sponsor programs and activities that maintain a focus on fundamental wastewater treatment and water quality knowledge outreach to WEF members and other associated parties. Examples of Fundamentals Outreach activities may include the development and production of webcasts, special technical sessions, and/or workshops. Sample Fundamentals Outreach topics may include wastewater treatment plant hydraulics, fundamentals of liquid treatment processes, fundamentals of solids treatment processes, technology and equipment review, pump selection and design, etc. The anticipated primary audience for the Fundamentals Outreach activities includes students, young professionals, utility managers, decision makers, and other persons interested in improving their knowledge of fundamental wastewater treatment and water quality objectives. The subcommittee is home to MRRDC members who have an interest in promoting the education of fundamentals to WEF constituents. 




 Matthew Scarborough, 2014-2016