North American MAs

 Updated on November 22, 2016 

Canadian Member Associations

United States Member Associations

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Puerto Rico

 Alabama's Water Environment Association

Wheeler Crook, President
Matt Alpaugh, Secretary
Dana Raughton, Treasurer
Kimberly Polifka, Executive Secretary 
Rob Coleman, WEF Delegate

Kimberly Polifka
4700 Highway 69 North
Northport, AL 35473
Tel:  205-330.0098
Fax: 205-330.0099
Web site:
2017 Annual Meeting: April 9-12, Orange Beach, AL    

Fast Facts TBA about AWEA


Alaska Water Wastewaster Management Association

Jennifer Warren, President
Angie Monteleone, Executive Director
Brendan Smyth, Secretary/Treasurer
Cindy Titus, WEF Delegate

Angie Monteleone
Alaska WWMA
P.O. Box 244141
Anchorage, AK 99524-4141
Tel:  907-561-9777 
Fax: 907-688-4658
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: April 24-28, Anchorage, AK 

Fast Facts TBA  about AWWMA

AZ Water Association (Arizona)

Marie Pearthree, President
Jeanne Jensen, Secretary
Asia Philbin, Treasurer
David Iwanski, Executive Director
Deborah Muse, Executive Manager
Patty Kennedy, WEF Delegate 

Deborah Muse
18521 E. Queen Creek Rd Ste 105-611
Queen Creek, AZ 85142
Tel:  888.559.8844 or 1+480.987.4888
Fax: 480.816.7039
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: May 3 -5  Phoenix, AZ  

Fast Facts 2016 about AZ Water

Arkansas Water Environment Association

Tiffany Mallard, President 
David Poe, Vice President
Letitia Rusch, Treasurer 
Thea Hughes, WEF Delegate

Thea Hughes
248 Cloverdale Rd
Jacksonville, AR 72076-5608
Tel:  501-982-0581 
Web Site: 
2017 Annual Meeting: April 30 - May 3, Hot Springs, AR  

Fast Facts 2016 about AWEA

Atlantic Canada Water & Wastewater Association

Mike Chaulk, Chair
Rob Gillis, Secretary-Treasurer
Clara Shea, Executive Director
Gary Chew, WEF Delegate

Clara Shea
P.O. Box 28141
Dartmouth, NS
B2W 6E2
Tel:  902-434-6002
Fax: 902.435.7796
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: October 15-18, Charlottetown, PE 

 Fast Facts  2016 about ACWWA

British Columbia Water and Waste Association

Mike Ipopen, President
Carlie Hucul (CEO July 4, 2016)
Jennifer Crosby, WEF Delegate

Carlie Hucul
620-1090 W. Pender St.
Vancouver, BC V6E 2N7 Canada
Tel:  604-433-7824  
Fax: 604-433-9859
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: May 28 - 30, Victoria, BC 

Fast Facts 2016 about BCWWA

California Water Environment Association

Garry Parker, President
Elizabeth Allan, Executive Director
Gayle Tupper, Treasurer
Dianne Lee, WEF Delegate
Ian MacKenzie, WEF Delegate
Michael Rosenberg, WEF Delegate

Elizabeth Allan
7677 Oakport Street, Suite 600
Oakland, CA 94621
Tel:  510-382-7800 
Fax: 510-382-7810
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: April 24- 28, Palm Springs, CA  

Fast Facts 2016 about CWEA

Central States Water Environment Association
(Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin)

Patricia Oates, President
Mohammed Haque, Executive Director
Beth Vogt, Treasurer
Doug Henrichsen, WEF Delegate
Eric Lynne, WEF Delegate

** Please note: Illinois residents may also become a member of the Illinois Water Environment Association.

Mohammed Haque
CSWEA Executive Director
1021 Alexandra Blvd
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Tel:  855-MYCSWEA (855-692-7932)
Fax: 847-857-7927
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: May 22 - 25, St. Paul, MN 

Fast Facts 2015 about CSWEA

Chesapeake Water Environment Association
(Delaware, District of Columbia, and Maryland)

Kraig Moodie, President
Alan Will, Secretary
Jane Bayer, Treasurer
Cheryl Paulin, Association Administrator
Burt Curry, WEF Delegate
Tim Wolfe, WEF Delegate

Cheryl Paulin
CWEA Administrator
35 Rosecroft Run
Hanover, PA 17331
Tel: 717-630-0303
Web Site:     
2017 Annual Meeting: August 29-September 1, Ocean City, MD  

Fast Facts 2016 about CWEA

Federal Water Quality Association

Greg Mallon, President
James Wheeler, Treasurer
Sharon Nye, Secretary
Tim Schmitt, WEF Delegate 

James Wheeler
4537 Peacock Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22304-2228
Tel:  202/564-0662 
Web Site:
2016 Meetings: Luncheons held each month, Washington, D.C. 

Florida Water Environment Association

Lisa Prieto, President
Joseph Cheatham, Secretary/Treasurer
Karen Wallace, Executive Manager 
Ronald Cavalieri, WEF Delegate
Raynetta Curry Marshall, WEF Delegate

Karen Wallace
Executive Manager
PO Box 782164
Orlando, FL 32878-2164
Tel:  407-574-3318
Fax: 407-563-1411
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: April 23-26, West Palm Beach, FL  

Fast Facts TBA  about FWEA

Georgia Association of Water Professionals

Dave Williams, Chair
John Peebles, Chair-Elect
Pam Burnett, Executive Director
Darryl Macy, WEF Delegate
Mike Thomas, WEF Delegate

Pam Burnett
1655 Enterprise Way
Marietta, GA 30067
Tel:  770-618-8690 
Fax: 770-618-8695
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: July 16-19, Savannah, GA   

Fast Facts  2015 about GAWP

Hawaii Water Environment Association

Staci Taniguchi, President 
Audrey Haerle, Vice President
Roger Babcock, Secretary/Treasurer
Sheryl Nojima, WEF Delegate

Staci Taniguchi
1132 Bishop Street Ste 1200
Honolulu, HI 96813-32822
Tel:  808.768.8752
MA E-mail:
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: February 14-16, Honolulu, HI

Fast Facts 2016 about HWEA

Illinois Water Environment Association 

Mark Termini, President
Laurie Frieders, Executive Manager
Deb Ness, Treasurer
Mark Halm, WEF Delegate
Debra Ness, WEF Delegate

** Please note:  Illinois residents may also become a member of the Central States Water Environment Association.

Laurie Frieders
Executive Manager
c/o Glenbard Wastewater Authority
21W551 Bemis Road
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Tel:  630-790.1901 Ext 142
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: April 23 - 25, Springfield, IL 
Illinois Water Professionals Conference (IWPC'17)
A Joint Technical Conference and Exposition (IWEA and IAWPCO) 

Fast Facts TBA about IWEA

Indiana Water Environment Association

Jason Lewin, President
Julia Whitson, Executive Director
Doug Baldessari, Secretary-Treasurer
Ted Merrell, WEF Delegate
Gary Merriman, WEF Delegate

Julia Whitson 
Indiana WEA
8909 Purdue Rd
Suite 130
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Tel:  317-686-2664 
Fax: 317-686-2672
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: August 22 - 24, Indianapolis, IN

Fast Facts  TBA about IWEA

Iowa Water Environment Association

Kam Reeves, President
John Ringelestein, Treasurer
Jim McElvogue, Secretary
Tim Snyder, WEF Delegate
Jay Brady, WEF Delegate

Jim McElvogue
56797 280th St. 
Ames, IA 50010
Tel:  515-232-7423 
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting:  June 6-9, TBD, IA  

Fast Facts 2016 about IAWEA

Kansas Water Environment Association 

Kansas Water Environment Association
David Hauser, President
Sylvan Coles, Secretary-Treasurer
Christopher Burns, WEF Delegate
Jeanette Klamm, WEF Delegate

Sylvan Coles
6209 SW 24th Terrace
Topeka, KS 66614-4217
Tel:  785-286-6994 
Fax: 785-286-6993
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: August 28 - 31, Wichita, KS  

Fast Facts 2015 about KWEA

Kentucky/Tennessee Water Environment Association

Robert Bates,President
Scott Woodard, President-Elect
Ron Taylor, Secretary/Treasurer
Valerie Lucas, Executive Director
Wes Sydnor, WEF Delegate
Leanne Scott, WEF Delegate

Valerie Lucas
291 North Hubbards Lane
Suite 172 #164
Louisville, KY 40207
Tel:  502-468-4772 
Fax: 502-894-9401
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: July 8 - 12 Lexington, KT  

Fast Facts  2015 about KY-TN WEA

Louisiana Water Environment Association

Jessica Keasler, President
Cherree Carlson, President-Elect
Diana Day, Vice President
David Hawley, Secretary
Aimee Killeen, WEF Delegate

Jessica Keasler 
2822 ONeal Ln
Baton Roughe, LA 70816-3127
Tel:  253.344.6052
Fax: 225.344.6346
Web Site:       
2017 Annual Meeting: March 20-24 Baton Rouge, LA  

Fast Facts 2015 about LWEA

Michigan Water Environment Association

Brian Ross, President
Cheryl Vosburg, Presiden-Elect
George Davis, Secretary
Jerry Harte, Executive Director
Jennifer Zelski, WEF Delegate
Todd Wibright, WEF Delegate

Jerry Harte
Michigan WEA
P.O. Box 397
Bath, MI  48808
Tel:  517-641-7377 
Fax: 517-641-7388
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: June 18-21, Boyne Falls, MI  

Fast Facts 2016 about MWEA

Mississippi Water Environment Association

Kevin Burk, President
Bryan Lane, Secretary/Treasurer
Sam Hardin, WEF Delegate 

Bryan Lane
100 N Heard St.
Senatobia, MS 38668 
Tel:  662.562.5314
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: June 6-9,  Vicksburg, MS  

Fast Facts 2016 about MIWEA

Missouri Water Environment Association

Scot Foley, President
Amanda Johnson, Secretary
Wayne Humes, Treasurer
Jeff Gratzer, WEF Delegate
Phil Burns, WEF Delegate

Amanda Johnson
8400 Ward Parkway 
Kansas City, MO 64114
Tel:  913-458-3553
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: March 24-29, Osaga Beach, MO  

Fast Facts  TBA about MWEA

Montana Water Environment Association

Starr Sullivan, President
Rodney Lance, Secretary-Treasurer
Amy Deitchler, WEF Delegate

Rodney Lance
1600 6th St. NE
Great Falls, MT 59404
Tel:  406-761-7004 
Fax: 406-761-6046
Web Site:    
2017 Annual Meeting: April 17-21, Great Falls, MT 

Fast Facts TBA about MWEA

Nebraska Water Environment Association

Scott Aurit, President
Dave Sykora, Treasurer
Michael Arends, WEF Delegate

Scott Aurit
Olsson Associates
1251 NW Briarcliff Pkwy Ste 50
Kansas City, MO 64116
Tel:  816.361.1177
Web Site:
2016 Annual Meeting: November 1-3, Kearney, NE  

Fast Facts 2016  about NWEA

Nevada Water Environment Association

Terri Svetich, President
Brett Warne, Secretary
Jason Barnes, Treasurer
Greg Turner, WEF Delegate

Terri Svetich
6996 DSierra Cetner Pkway #200
Reno, NV 89511
Tel: 775.742.7615
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: April 3-6, Las Vegas, NV   

Fast Facts 2016 about NWEA

New England Water Environment Association
(Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New
Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont)

Raymond Willis III, President
Mary Barry, Executive Director
Priscilla Bloomfield, Treasurer
Susan Sullivan, WEF Delegate
Daniel Bisson, WEF Delegate
Frederick McNeill, WEF Delegate

Mary Barry
10 Tower Office Park
Suite 601
Woburn, MA 01801
Tel:  781-939-0908 
Fax: 781-939-0907
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: Jan 22-25, Boston, MA   

Fast Facts  2016 about NEWEA

New Jersey Water Environment Association

Tom Grenci, President
John Lagrosa, Executive Director
Bruce Smith, Treasurer
Michael Roy, WEF Delegate
Robert Fischer, WEF Delegate
Rick Eustace, WEF Delegate

John Lagrosa
32 Smith Ave
P.O. Box 1212
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
Tel:  201-296-0021 
Fax: 201-296-0031
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: May 7- 12, Atlantic City, NJ 

Fast Facts  TBA about NJWEA

New York Water Environment Association

Joseph Fiegl, President
Patricia Cerro-Reehil, Executive Director
Tom Lauro, Treasurer
Anthony Della Valle, Assistant Treasurer 
Richard Pope, WEF Delegate
John Fortin, WEF Delegate 

Patricia Cerro-Reehil
525 Plum Street, Suite 102
Syracuse, NY 13204
Tel:  315-422-7811 
Fax: 315-422-3851
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: February 4-8, New York City, NY  

Fast Facts 2016 about NYWEA

North Carolina Water Environment Association

Julie Hellmann, Chair
Catrice Jones, Executive Director
Jeff Coggins, Secretary
David Saunders, Treasurer
Richard Tsang, WEF Delegate
TJ Lynch, WEF Delegate

Catrice Jones
3725 National Drive
Suite 217
Raleigh, NC 27612
Tel:  919-784-9030 x210
Fax: 919-784-9032
Web Site:
2016 Annual Meeting: November 13-16, Raleigh, NC  

Fast Facts  2016 about NCWEA

North Dakota Water Environment Association

Gary Zuroff, President
Bill Gefroh, Secretary/Treasurer
Wei Lin, WEF Delegate

Bill Gefroh
Bismark WWTP
P.O. Box 5503
Bismarck, ND 58506-5503
Tel:  701-355-1763
2016 Annual Meeting: October 10-13, Minot, ND    

Fast Facts 2015 about NDWEA

Ohio Water Environment Association

Ted Baker, President 
Jane Lee Winkler, Secretary/Treasurer
Amy Davis, Executive Administrator
Thomas Fishbaugh, WEF Delegate
Tom Angelo, WEF Delegate
Dale Kocarek, WEF Delegate

Amy Davis 
Ohio WEA
1890 Northwest Blvd., Suite 210
Columbus, OH 43212
Tel:  614-488-5800 
Fax: 614-488-5801
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: June 26-29, Cincinnati, OH  

Fast Facts  2016 about OWEA

Oklahoma Water Environment Association

Alexandria Kindrick, President
Pam Taylor, Secretary
Shawn Glen, Treasurer
Shellie Chard-McClary, WEF Delegate

Pam Taylor
13505 Boulder Ave Ste 600
Tulsa, OK 74119
Tel: 918-688-7954
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: May 8-10 Oklahoma City, OK 

Fast Facts  TBA about OWEA

Water Environment Association of Ontario 

Brian Gage, President
Heather Tyrrell, Executive Administrator
Larry Madden, Secretary/Treasurer
Neil Awde, WEF Delegate
Rosanna DiLabio, WEF Delegate

Heather Tyrrell                            
WEA of Ontario                            
6517 Mississauga Road, Unite C                               
Mississauga, ON                                   
Canada L5N1IA6                         
Tel:  416-410-6933 x1                         
Fax: 416-410-1626                       
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: April 2 - 4, Ottawa, ON  

Fast Facts TBA about WEAO

Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association
(Idaho, Oregon, and Washington)

Erik Coats, President
Nan Cluss, Association Manager
Mike Rainey, Association Manager
David Keil, Secretary
Steven Drangsholt, Treasurer
Haley Falconer, WEF Delegate
Lynne Chicoine, WEF Delegate

Nan Cluss 
P.O. Box 100
Hansen, ID 83334
Tel:  208-455-8381 
Fax: 208-455-8382
Web Site:
2016 Annual Meeting: October 16 - 19, Bend, OR  

Fast Facts  2016 about PNCWA

Pennsylvania Water Environment Association 

Larry Fair, President
Sue Boynton, Executive Director
Scot Fertich, Secretary/Treasurer
Carl Janson, WEF Delegate
Douglas Pike, WEF Delegate

Sue Boynton
Pennsylvania WEA
PO Box 3367
Gettysburg, PA 17325
Tel:  717-642-9500 
Fax: 717-642-9508
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: June 4-7, Pocono, PA  

Fast Facts  2016 about PWEA

Puerto Rico Water & Environment Association

Carlos A Ortiz Rosado, President
Roberto Ramos Torrens, President-Elect
Leonardo Montes, Secretary
Adelis Caban Acevedo, Treasurer 
Albert Ortiz Diaz, WEF Delegate 

Odalis de la Vega
P.O. Box 13702
San Juan, PR 00908-3702
Web Site:
2016 Annual Meeting TBA 

Fast Facts TBA about PRW&EA

Réseau Environnement (Quebec)

Mar-Andre Desjardins, President
Jean Lacroix, CEO
Yves Comeau, WEF Delegate

Youness Elhariri 
Reseau Environnement
255 Boul Cremazie E Bureau 750
Montreal, QC H2M 1L5
Tel:  514-270-7110  Ext 323
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: March 21 - 23,Montreal, Canada 

Fast Facts  2015 about Reseau 

Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association
(Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming)

Jeff Berlin, President
Joe Tamburini, Vice President
Bill Peretti, Treasurer
Ceila Rethamel, Secretary
Jeff Rabas, WEF Delegate
Will Raatz, WEF Delegate

Jeff Berlin
Metro WRD
12591 Kearney Cir
Thornton, CO 80602
Ph: 303-286.3105
Web Site:
2016 Annual Meeting: September 11-14, Keystone, CO  

Fast Facts  2016 about RMWEA

Water Environment Association of South Carolina

Jay Darby, President 
Jeremy Brashears, President-Elect
Elizabeth Williams, 1st Vice President
Bill Davis, 2nd Vice President
Madeline Zimmerman, Treasurer
Beth Thompson, Secretary
Heather Beard, Executive Director
Chris Taylerson, WEF Delegate
Glen McManus, WEF Delegate

Heather Beard
Congaree Building, Suite 115
121 Executive Center Drive
Columbia, SC 29210
Ph: 803-358-0658
Fax: 803-358-0646
Web Site:   
2017 Annual Meeting: March 12-14, Myrtle Beach, SC 

Fast Facts  TBA about WEASC

South Dakota Water Environment Association

Dawn Horner, President
Mike Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer
Scott Langner, WEF Delegate

Mike Johnson
6300 South Old Village Pl Suite 100
Sioux Falls, SD 57108-2103
Tel:  605-977-7778
2016 Annual Meeting: September 14-16, Sioux Falls, SD  

Fast Facts  2015 about SDWEA 

Water Environment Association of Texas

David Jackson, President
Julie Nahrgang, Executive Director
Leigh Cerda, Secretary
Sharon Miller, Treasurer
John Bennett, WEF Delegate
Steve Coonan, WEF Delegate

Julie Nahrgang
WEA of Texas
1825 Fort View Road, Suite 108
Austin, TX 78704
Ph: 512-693-0060
Fax: 512-693-0062
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: April 10 - 13, Austin, TX  

Fast Facts  2016 about WEAT

Water Environment Association of Utah

Matt Myers, President
Clint Rogers, President-Elect
Jeff Beckman, Vice President
Giles Demke, Secretary
David Hatch, Treasurer
Lonn Rasmussen, WEF Delegate
Jill Jones, WEF Delegate

Clint Rogers
1265 E Fort Union Blvd
Suite 200
Midvale, UT 84047
Tel:  801.680.4468
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: April 18-21, St. George, UT  

Fast Facts 2016 about WEAU

Virginia Water Environment Association

Eddie Abisaab, President
Scott Shirley, President-Elect
Shawn Hesleton, Vice President
Greg Everhart, Secretary/Treasurer
Kathy Rabalais, Association Administrator
Andy Landrum, WEF Delegate
Steve Johnson, WEF Delegate

Kathy Rabalais
P.O. Box 2324
Glen Allen, VA 23058
Tel:  804-332-5286
Fax: 804-545-0849
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: September 11-14, Hampton, VA  

Fast Facts 2016  about VWEA

Western Canada Water Environment Association 

Bia de Freitas, Chair
Natalie Wilson, Chair-Elect
Audrey Arisman, Executive Director
David Du Toit, Treasurer
Jeffrey Halliday, WEF Delegate

Audrey Arisman
Box 1708, 126 3rd Ave. W
Cochrane AB T4C 1B6
Tel:  403-709-0064 
Fax: 403-709-0068
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: September 19-22, Saskatoon SK Canada 

Fast Facts  2016 about WCWEA

West Virginia Water Environment Association

Kevin Kemerer, President 
Bill Cunningham, Secretary/Treasurer
David Sago, WEF Delegate

Kevin Kemerer
Precision Pump & Valve Service
Charleston, WV
Tel:  304-776-1710 X 137
Fax: 304-741-0906
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: May 21-24, Daniels, WV

Fast Facts TBA about WVWEA


Illinois Association of Water Pollution Control Operators

David Miller, Executive Director
Edward Brown, Secretary/Treasurer

Dave Miller
PO Box 59
Rantoul, IL 61866
Tel:  815-303-3744
2017 Annual Meeting: April 23 - 25, Springfield, IL  

Kentucky Water and Wastewater Operators

David Goodrum, Chair
Lori Simpson, Secretary
Julie Duncan, Treasurer
Lisa Detherage, Staff

Kentucky WWOA
P.O. Box 700
Lawrenceburg, KY 40342
Tel: 502-352-0510
2017 Annual Meeting: April 9-13, Louisville, KY  

Maritime Provinces Water and Wastewater Association

Rob Hamilton, Chair
Todd Richard, Past Chair
Jerry Villard, Vice Chair
Clara Shea, Executive Director 

Clara Shea
MPWWA Registrar
Box 28142
Dartmouth, NS
B2W 6E2
Tel:  902-434-8874
Web site:
2017 Annual Meeting: April 23 - 26, Halifax, NS

Missouri Water and Wastewater Conference

Sandi Miller, Executive Director

Sandi Miller
3230 Emerald Lane, Suite 500
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Tel:  573-761-0376  ext.300
Fax: 573-761-5544
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: August 2 - 3, Columbia, MO  

Texas Water Utilities Association

Donnie Carrasco, President
Russell Hamilton, Executive Director

Russell Hamilton
1106 Clayton Lane, Suite 112 West
Austin, TX 78723-1093
Tel:  1-888-367-8982 
Fax: 512-459-7124
Web Site:
2017 Annual Meeting: Feb 26 - March 1, Corpus Christ, TX  

Wisconsin Wastewater Operators' Association

Lyle Lutz, President
Karen Harter, Executive Secretary

Karen Harter
P.O. Box 451
Baraboo, WI 53913-0451
Tel:  608-355-3081
Fax: 608-355-3082
Web Site:
2016 Annual Meeting: October 11 - 14, LaCrosse, WI