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Constitution and Bylaws
WEF Constitution & Bylaws (April 2012)
How to Modify your MA Constitution & Bylaws 
Model Guide to Modifying a WEF MA C&B Document

WEF/MA Logo Usage
Member Association Web Site Policy
Trademarks/Services Usage Guideline

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Reprint Guidelines
Guidelines apply to all MA requests to reprint or reuse material from Water Environment & Technology, WEF Highlights, Utility Executive, Biosolids Technical Bulletin, Industrial Wastewater, and Water Environment Laboratory Solutions

Board Orientation
WEF Board of Trustees Orientation (2012)
Fiduciary & Management Responsibility (by Elizabeth Allen, CWEA Ex Dir)

Strategic Planning
WEF Strategic Plan
Strategic Planning Guide

Membership Recruitment & Retention
Attracting and Retaining Members
50 ways to Retain members

Association Liability
MA Liability Insurance

Policy Samples