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This library offers a depository of MA and WEF presentations by topic as presented at a WEFMAX

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Public Education

The WEF Public Education Awards recognize WEF members for significant accomplishments in promoting awareness and understanding of water environment issues among the general public, through the development of and implementation of public education programs. 


  1. Individual
  2. WEF Member Association
  3. Other (organizations, groups of individuals, events and campaigns)

Criteria: The criteria are the same for each category.

  1. Documented achievements of water environment public education programs and activities.
  2. Identification and description of exceptional efforts to educate the public on water environment issues.
  3. A detailed narrative description of activities or efforts, including the objective and results. 
  4. Member of the Water Environment Federation.


  • Nomination Form 
  • One page biography of the nominee
  • Specific reasons for nomination (one page maximum)
  • A detailed narrative description of the activities or efforts, including the objective and results.
  • Eight copies of associated program materials.
  • Documented evidence of the program's accomplishments

The use of videotapes and/or audio tapes is discouraged. If you submit this type of nomination material, you must include the specified number of copies.

Nominations Accepted From:

WEF Member Associations
WEF Members
WEF Committee

Nominations Deadline:

Please submit final copy of your nomination to by April 1.