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Association Engagement Team

The team's focus is to provide better communication and engagement between the key volunteer leaders, the WEF Board and staff.

Linda Kelly                                     Dianne Crilley
Sr. Director                                      Sr. Manager - MA's                                 1+703.684.2445 
Kelsey Hurst                                   Briana Berkley
Awards and WEF HOD                     Association Engagement 
703.684.2477                                    Coordinator                                703.684.2400 Ext 7220    

Membership & Customer Relations

The Membership & Customer Relations staff serve as a resource for
WEF members, WEF Member Association leaders, and MA
Professional Staff.

Wade Riess                                        
Sr. Director                                          
1+703.684.2400 Ext 7420                                                          
Nick Bardis                                        Brightkey 
Database Specialist                             
1+703.684.2400 Ext 7731                     1+800.666.0206                                                       

The Marketing Staff serves as a resource for MA Leaders on:

  • Customized membership applications
  • Membership Recruitment  
Lori Jordan                                          

The IT Staff serves as a resource for MA leaders on development of and access to MA online reports (from the WEF database).

Lynn Thomson                                 Marissa Adawag
Director, IT                                        Programmer/Report Writer
1+703.684.2400 Ext 7732                   1+703.684.2400 Ext 7732