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This library offers a depository of MA and WEF presentations by topic as presented at a WEFMAX

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WEF Honorary Membership

WEF Honorary membership recognizes individuals who have proven their preeminence in the fields of activity encompassed by Water Environment Federation objectives. Recipients of WEF Honorary membership are recognized for their achievements in the water profession and are awarded a complimentary lifetime WEF membership.  

i. Acknowledged eminence in one or more fields of activity within the scope of the WEF stated objectives.
ii. A maximum of three Honorary Members can be elected in any calendar year.

-Honorary Membership Nomination Form
- One-page biography of the nominee
- Specific reasons for nomination (one-page maximum)

Nominations Accepted From:
WEF Member Associations
WEF Nominating Committee

Nominations Deadline: March 1
WEF Objectives:
- Advance the fundamental knowledge of the water environment, its basic qualities, and physical laws governing its interaction with other aspects of the environment and with the aesthetic, economic and biological needs of the Earth's inhabitants.
- Advance the knowledge and technology in the design, construction, operation and management of water quality systems and facilities.
- Increase the knowledge and understanding of the Earth's water environment, and encourage and promote action necessary for its enhancement.
- Develop and implement effective delivery mechanisms to rapidly disseminate knowledge concerning the water environment to members and to other interested parties.
- Promote sound policy in matters relating to the water environment.
- Improve the professional status of all personnel engaged in any aspect of protecting and improving the Earth's water environment.
- Strengthen and build alliances with organizations throughout the world incorporating members of all professions dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of water quality and water resources.
- Stimulate public awareness of the relationship of water resources to the public welfare and the need for pollution prevention, resource recovery, preservation, conservation and reuse of water resources.
- Serve the international community of water environment professionals.