Collection Systems Published Contributions

For Outstanding Contribution to Wastewater Collection Systems  
This award recognizes published contributions to the fundamental principles of wastewater collection and transport, as comprehensively described and published in WEF Conference Proceedings or a Federation periodical.


i. Must be written by a member of a Federation Member Association (MA) to be eligible.
ii. Articles published in WEF Conference Proceedings, a Federation periodical or MA publication during any stated calendar year are eligible for nomination.
iii. Specific consideration is given to the relative value of the contribution and its potential for broad application to all aspects of collection systems.
iv. The literary quality of the written presentation is also a standard of judgment used by the subcommittee for evaluation.


  • Nomination Form 
  • Specific reasons for nomination (one page maximum)
  • Any other supporting material required under criteria or that you feel would be helpful in the selection process.

Nominations Accepted From:

  • Federation periodicals
  • WEF Conference Proceedings
  • Member Association publications 

Note: MA Conference Proceedings are not eligible for nomination.