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WEF CSC Strategic Planning Subcommittee

          The Strategic Planning Subcommittee works on the long-range planning for the WEF Collection Systems Committee's (CSC) activities, projects, and structure.

The Subcommittee has a maximum of 12 members plus the WEF staff liaison for the CSC and the WEF Officer and Board of Trustees (BoT) liaisons. The subcommittee is chaired by the CSC chair and composed of the CSC chair, vice-chair, and the immediate past CSC chair, along with selected members who have demonstrated successful leadership achievement for the CSC. 



Name  Position 
 Keith McCormack  

 WEF CSC Chair
(Chair, Strategic Planning Subcommittee),

 Rudy Fernandez  WEF CSC Vice-Chair, 2012-2014 
 Dianne Sumego

 WEF CSC Member-at-Large, 2012-2015

 Stacy Passaro  WEF CSC Member-at-Large, 2012-2015
 Mark Courtney  WEF CSC Member-at-Large, 2012-2014
 Mattie Engels  WEF CSC Member-at-Large, 2012-2015
 Angela Lee  WEF CSC Member-at-Large, 2012-2015
 TBD  WEF CSC Member-at-Large
 TBD  WEF CSC Member-at-Large 
 TBD  WEF CSC Member-at-Large 
 TBD  WEF CSC Member-at-Large
 Rob Villee  WEF CSC Past-Chair, 2012-2014