WEF CSC Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides overall direction and advisory input for the day-to-day operations of the the WEF Collection Systems Committee (CSC) reviews. They review and approve projects, provide oversight for CSC activities, and provide regular communication between the numerous project teams of the CSC.

This leadership group is chaired by the current CSC Vice-Chair.  Every year, the Nominating Committee of the CSC appoints two new members while the CSC Chair and Vice-Chair appoint one new member. This ensures a regular rotation on the Steering Committee as no more than a third of the Steering Committee changes each term. The Steering Committee has a maximum of 12 members plus the CSC WEF Staff Manager. The subcommittee is composed of the CSC Chair, Vice-Chair, and immediate past CSC Chair, along with select members who have demonstrated successful leadership achievement for the CSC.


Name   Position  
Rudy Fernandez WEF CSC Chair, 2014-2016 
Luis Leon    WEF CSC Vice-Chair, 2014-2015
Keith McCormack WEF CSC Past Chair, 2014-2016
Kevin Waldron WEF Member Services Subcommittee, 2014-2016 
Dave Hofer WEF Collection Systems Program
Symposia, 2013-2015 
Paul Costa WEF CSC WEFTEC Subcommittee, 2014-2016
Jim Hewitt WEF CSC Specialty Conference
Subcommittee, 2014-2016
John Nelson WEF CSC Webcast Subcommittee, 2014-2016
Amanda Schwerman      WEF CSC Workshops Subcommittee, 2014-2016
Jimmy Stewart     WEF CSC Member-at-Large, 2013-2015
Chris Ranck WEF CSC Member-at-Large, 2013-2015 
David Brown WEF CSC Member-at-Large, 2013-2015
Bri Nakamura WEF Staff Manager