House of Delegates


Howard Carter - Speaker  

 Aimeé Killeen - Speaker-Elect 


 House of Delegates 2016-17 Roster 

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House of Delegates Business 

HOD Committees
Budget Committee
  •  Dan Bisson
  •  Tracy Ekola
  •  Doug Henrichsen
  •  Jenn Lachmayr
  •  Karen Pallansch
  •  Greg Turner 
Nominating Committee
  •  Todd Boling
  •  Rob Coleman
  •  Lance Manabe
  •  Ted Merrell
  •  Dean Miller
  • Jennifer Zelski 
Outreach Committee
  •  Steve Coonan 
  •  Thomas Fishbaugh              
  •  Carl Janson
  •  Eric Lynne 
  •  Susan Sullivan
Steering Committee
  •  Bradley Fix
  •  Mark Halm 
  •  Keith Hobson
  •  Thea Hughes
  •  Dale Kocarek
WEFMAX Committee
  •  Tom Angelo
  •  Rosanna DiLabio
  •  Fred McNeill
  •  Doug Pike
  • Todd Wibright 
HOD Work Groups

        a. Strategic Planning;

            Workgroup Leader -  Thea Hughes 
        b. Membership; 
Workgroup Leader - Samuel Hardin
        c. Public Communication and Outreach
            for Member Associations; 
             Workgroup Leader -  Jenn Lachmayr 

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