2012 WEF Award Recipients

Collection Systems Award
John Larson
South Lake Tahoe, CA
California WEA

Emerson Distinguished Service Award
Albert (Al) B. Pincince, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE
Lexington, MA
New England WEA

Engelbrecht International Achievement Award
Brian Evans
United Arab Emirates

Fair Distinguished Engineering Educator Medal
Professor Perry L. McCarty
Stanford University
California WEA

Ralph Fuhrman Medal for Outstanding Water Quality Academic-Practice Collaboration
Sudhir Murthy
Washington, DC
Chesapeake WEA

Walter Bailey
Alexandria, VA
Chesapeake WEA

John Novak
Blacksburg, VA
Virginia WEA

Perry Schafer
Alexandria, VA
California WEA

Gascoigne Wastewater Treatment Plant Operational Improvement Medal
Justin DeMello
Dedham, MA
New England WEA

"Dewatering from the Living Room", Water Environment & Technology, Vol. 23, No. 2 (February 2011) Pg. 40

Honorary Membership
James H. Clark, P.E.
Los Angeles, CA
California WEA

Industrial Water Quality Achievement Award
Rahr Malting Co.
Shakopee, Minnesota

Industrial Water Quality Lifetime Achievement Award
Joseph G. Cleary
Wyckoff, NJ
New Jersey WEA

Innovative Technology Award
Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT)
InfoSense, Inc.
Charlotte, NC

Wastewater Compliance Systems, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT

Model 4100 Liquid Vacuum Doser
JCS Industries, Inc.
Houston, TX

McKee Groundwater Protection, Restoration or Sustainable Use Award
Wu Linlin

Zhao Xuan

Zhang Meng

"Transformation of Dissolved Organic Matter in a Novel Groundwater Recharge System with Reclaimed Water", WER, 83, 2140, (2011)

Member Association Safety Award
California WEA

Morgan Operational Solutions Award
Robert James Baur
Tigard, OR
Pacific Northwest CWA

Outstanding Member Association Award
Georgia AWP

Outstanding Young Water Environment Professional Award
Amanda Poole
Mokena, IL
Central States WEA

Public Education Awards
Individual Category
Andrew Sullivan
Eden Prairie, MN
Central States WEA

Member Association Category
Indiana WEA

Other Category
Western Lake Superior Regional Stormwater Protection Team
Duluth, MN

Public Officials Award
James A. Hanlon
Director - Office of Wastewater Mamagement
USEPA (Retired)

Roy Rogers
Director - Clean Water Services (Hillsboro, OR)
Commissioner - Washington County, OR

Rudolfs Industrial Waste Management Medal
Kar Munirathinam

Rangesh Srinivasan

Jeff J. Tudini

Tom A. Sandy

Tim D. Harrison

"Selenium Treatment of Mine Effluent in a Fluidized Bed Reactor (RDR)", Proceedings of WEFTEC 2011

Schlenz Public Education Award
Dr. Samuel Lee Hancock
Washington, DC
Chesapeake WEA

Water Quality Improvement Award
Malibu Legacy Park Project
City of Malibu
Malibu, CA

WEF Canham Graduate Studies Scholarship
Matthew Seib
Marquette University
Milwaukee, WI
Central States WEA

WEF Safety Award
Metropolitan Council Environmental Services - East Business Unit
Cottage Grove, MN