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Laboratory Analyst Award

Recognizes individuals for outstanding performance, professionalism and contributions to the water quality analysis profession.  The award is presented by a WEF representative at the WEF Member Association annual meeting.


  1. Member of the Water Environment Federation.
  2. Candidate must be employed at an educational facility laboratory, industrial, commercial, or municipal laboratory which performs wastewater-related analysis, and must have direct analytical responsibilities.
  3. Candidates are eligible for this award only once.
  4. Qualifying criteria may include:
    1. Membership and involvement in professional associations. Examples: Water Environment Federation Committees, Standard Methods Joint Task Groups, MA committees and conferences and conference activities.
    2. Outstanding efforts in the area of wastewater and environmental aquatic analyses, including such items as innovative sampling techniques or solutions to a treatment, analytical or environmental problem.
    3. Involvement in community activities or public relations.
    4. Presentations at professional conferences, meetings, etc. relevant to water quality analysis.
    5. Professional certifications.
    6. Continuing education.
    7. Contributions that have been beneficial to the nominees facility.
    8. Unusual initiative or performance "beyond the call of duty".


Laboratory Analyst Nomination Form

Nominations Accepted From:

WEF Member Associations

Nominations Deadline:

Eight weeks prior to MA Annual Meeting