Air Quality and Odor Control Committee

The committee shall develop, recommend, and conduct programs to promote general improvement in reducing air quality and odor emissions impacts related to water quality, biosolids handling, treatment and disposal, and wastewater treatment and collection. The volunteer members of the Committee:

  1. Develop workshops and moderate technical sessions each year at WEFTEC;
  2. Sponsor the biannual WEF/A&WMA Odors and Air Pollutants specialty conference;
  3. Author articles for WEF's technical journals;
  4. Provide comments to WEF Government Affairs on Federation Position Statements and U.S. government regulations and policies; and
  5. Assist the Technical Practice Committee in the development of books and Manuals of Practice. 

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Neil Webster, 2013 - 2016
13121 Eastpoint Park Blvd Ste E
Louisville, KY 40223-4192
Tel:  502/253-3443 



Carla Dillon, 2013 - 2016
10844 Ellis AvePO Box 8127
Fountain Valley, CA 92728-8172
Tel:  714/593-7371 

Staff Liaison

Rebecca Arvin-Colon
Tel:       703-684-2400 ext. 7017
Fax:      703-684-2413