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The Groundwater Committee shall conduct a continuing assessment of groundwater resources and groundwater contamination, subsurface disposal techniques, subsurface contaminant transport and wellhead protection to prevent the degradation of groundwater resources from any and all sources, including surface disposal and development. The Committee shall survey and report on sound environmental policies and practices for protection, remediation and restoration of the groundwater where contamination or resource degradation has occurred. The Committee is also charged with investigation of the relationship between groundwater and surface water with regard to contamination and resource issues.

The Groundwater Committee meets annually at WEFTEC® and conducts other activities throughout the year. Scope of activities include:


  • Development of workshops, seminars, training, and technical sessions
  • Development of publications related to groundwater topics
  • Development and support of awards in the groundwater area
  • Development of public outreach materials expressing technical groundwater issues
  • Partnering with other organizations in development of groundwater activities.

Specific ongoing projects that the committee is currently working on include:

  • Development of technical sessions for the Remediation of Soil and Groundwater Symposium at WEFTEC as well as development of workshops and seminars.
  • Supporting the annual Jack Edward McKee Medal award that honors professional achievement in groundwater protection, restoration, or sustainable use. Nominations for the medal are due April 1st of each year.


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Theresa Mixon
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