Sustainable Residuals Use Subcommittee

The Sustainable Residuals Use Subcommittee is a part of the Residuals and Biosolids Committee.


  • To promote the beneficial reuse of Animal, Municipal, and Industrial residuals through scientific and environmentally sound management.
  • To promote mutually beneficial relationships between agricultural, industrial, and municipal residuals generators to solve common problems without increased use of resources.
  • To promote cooperation between government agencies, associations, corporations and the public to improve professional education and the management of agricultural, industrial, and municipal residuals.


To identify stakeholders key to the beneficial reuse of residuals.

  1. To identify common needs, expectations, and opportunities between stakeholders.
  2. To identify existing association meetings, conferences, seminars sharing information on the beneficial reuse of residuals.
  3. To facilitate workshops and conferences to promote beneficial use of residuals.
  4. To identify financial resources to facilitate beneficial reuse of residuals.


Ben Davis, 2013-2016
Biosolids Manager
Renda Environmental
2501 Greenbelt Road
Fort Worth, TX 76118
Tel: 817-571-9391 x224



Lisa Boudeman, 2013-2016
Environmental Specialist
Material Matters, Inc.
P.O. Box 224
Elizabethtown, PA  17022
Tel: 717-367-9697 x107



Staff Liaison

Lisa McFadden
703-684-2400 ext. 7060 Tel.
703-684-2492 Fax.