Students and Young Professionals Committee 

The committee shall develop, recommend, and assist in conducting Federation programs for students and shall stimulate Member Associations to encourage worldwide student participation and membership in the Federation. See what's happening with Young Professionals and University Students.

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 Haley Falconer, 2013 - 2015
 HDR Engineering Inc
 412 E Parkcenter Blvd Ste 100
 Boise, ID 83706-6659
 Tel:   Phone: (208) 387-7022 


 Michelle Hatcher, 2013 - 2015
 830 Crescent Centre Dr Ste 400
 Franklin, TN 37067-7247
 Tel:  615/807-7822
 Fax: 615/320-6560 


Staff Liaison

 Dianne Crilley
 Tel: 703-684-2445
 Fax: 703-684-2475




Subcommittee Leads 

 WEF Student Paper Competition
 Chris Wilson
 Christina Alito  

 WEF Design Competition
 Lauren Zuravnsky 
 Allison Reinert 

 Student Outreach
 Darrin Harris  

 WEF YP Communication 
 (YP Connections &  WE&T Articles)
 Jennifer Davis 
 Katie Schaffnit

 Fundamentals Webcast/Workshops

 YP Summit
 Erin Gallimore 
 WEFTEC Career Fair
 Anil Tangirala 
 Archis Ambulkar

 WEFTEC YP Reception
 Sarah Hubbell

 WEFTEC Community Service Project
 Tim Moran 
 Michael Quamme
 Haley Falconer 
 Liaison to WEF Manufacturers and Representatives  Committee (MARC)
 Sarah Hubbell

 YP Engagement Opportunities...
 Sustainability COP
 Ifetaya Venner
 - Humanitarian Engineering
 - Envision Certification
 - Algae
 - Energy
 - Utilities

 Industrial WW Committee
 Tim Moran

 Collection/Stormwater Committee
 Anil Tangirala

 Laboratory Practice
 Jen Louden