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 WEA of Ontario

The Water Environment Association of Ontario is pleased to announce the appointment of Lyle Shipley as the Association's new Executive Director.  Lyle's work in the private sector as the Principal of a business strategy and sustainability consulting firm adds another layer to his extensive experience in acquiring and engaging members and volunteers to achieve success within the non-profit association sector.  Lyle is a graduate of the University of Toronto and has an MBA from Ryerson University.   










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 2014  Past Articles Include: 
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Past Articles Include: 

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  • WEFMAX 2013 - Registration now open
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  January WEFLeader Special Issue - WEFMAX 2013 


Past Articles Include: 

  • Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts
  • WEFMAX 2013
  • WEF Student Design Competition
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  May WEFLeader Special Issue - PSA at the Indy 500


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