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Pacific Northwest CWA 

The Pacific Northwest CWA is proud to use the "we are wef" slide shown at WEFMAX 2015 in rolling out their 2015 Strategic Plan to showcase where they are going and why.  Their Mission is dedicated to preserving and enhancing water resource in the states of Idaho, Oregon and Washington.   




WEFLeader PAST issues- a resource for WEF news... 

2016  Past Articles Include: 
  •  WEF 2016 Student Design Competition
  • WEFMAX in Vail
  • Student Chapter Annual Report
  • Utility of the Future Today Webinar
  • WERF LIFT Webcast
  •  WEF Nominating Committee 
  • WEF CLC Seeks Nominations 
  • WEF Elevator Speeches 
  • Help the U.S. SJWP Build the Next Generation 
  • WEF Announces Location of the 2016-2018 SJWP 
  • 2016 WEF FLy-In 
  • News from Canada 
  Feb Special Issue - WEFMAX 
  • WEF Fellows Program 
  • YP Summit 
  • Webinar for MA Leaders - Financial Policies 
  • WEF Fly-In 
  2015  Past Articles Include: 
  •  WEFMAX 2016 
  • Webcast: WEF/WERF Joint on Dispersibles 
  • Webinar for MA Leaders on Financial Policies and Procedures 
  • 2016 Award Nominations 
  • WEF Fellows Program 2016 
  • WEF Announces Chris French as Director of Stormwater Programs 
  • Water Leadership Institute 
  • UMC and YP Summit 2016 in San Diego 
  • WEF Announces the 2015-2016 BOT 
  • WEF Announces the 2015 Student Design Competition Winners 
  • WEF Announces Webcasts as a Member Benefit 
  • WEFTEC Daily 
  Sept  Special Issue: WEFTEC for MA Leaders
  Aug    Special Issue: Tribute to Jack Dozier
  •  WEF Announces the 2015 Award Recipients 
  • 2015 WEF Fellows Announced 
  • 2016 WEF Dues Increase 
  • Input Process for WEF Budget and Business Planning is expanded 
  • WEF C&B Modifications Approved 
  • WEF CLC Seeks Nominations 
  • National Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Awards Program 
  • WEFTEC 2015: Pershing Cultivation Project: Growing Green Gardens and Young Minds 
  • ASAE Announces the 2015 Power of A Gold Award 
  • Water Environment of Texas 
  • 2015 WEF Nomination Recommendations
  • WEF Student Chapter Annual Report
  • News Articles From WEF Headquarters
  • Knowledge Center Courses for MAs
  • Huddle Room Now Open for Reservations
  • Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association