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The New England Water Environment Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Mary Barry as the Association's new Executive Director. Ms. Barry has extensive experience in the environmental engineering industry as Strategic Market Programs Director at major engineering companies in the New England area.  Please welcome Mary Barry  










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From President Sandra Ralston - WEF Reorganization Announcement
The WEF Board of Trustees and the Executive Director, Eileen O'Neill, are continually working to better communication and engagement between the key volunteer leaders and the Board and staff.  To emphasize this as a priority, effective June 9, a new group call "Association Engagement" has been formed that will focus on serving the Member Associations and the House of Delegates.  Linda Kelly will lead the team working with Dianne Crilley and Kelsey Hurst.  Linda's experience as a former MA president (PNCWA) and a former member of the House of Delegates gives her unique insights into the workings and needs of these important volunteer leaders.  Linda and the association engagement team will report to Tim Williams who will bring his skills as a strategist and his familiarity with MAs to an expanded role.  Linda and Tim share a passion for the staff-volunteer partnership and are excited to work with these critical partners.  Effective August 1, another WEF Staffer is being transferred to the team for even more support.  Wade Riess, who began working with MAs last year, will now be leading WEF's membership strategy and services.

New England WEA Announces New Executive Director
Mary Barry joins the New England WEA as their new Executive Director.  Ms. Barry has 25 years of experience in the environmental engineering industry as a Strategic Market Programs Director at major engineering companies in the New England area.  She also has extensive experience working with numerous professional organizations.  Ms. Barry has a B.S. in Business Management and Marketing from the University of Massachusetts and an M.A. in Communications Management and Public Relations.  Join WEF in welcoming Mary Barry


Save Big During the Month of JUNE and JULY
- Raise awareness about the value and importance of water, water-related issues, and the water profession with WATER'S WORTH IT items.  Save over 50% off some of our items now through July 31th, 2014.  Read More 

The Water Sourcebook CD-ROM K-12 - The Water Sourcebook CD-ROM is a comprehensive guide for use by teachers and water quality professionals.  Designed for use by teachers and water quality professionals, the activities teach youth the importance of preserving and enhancing water resources.  This CD-ROM is now available free of charge + shipping and handling.  Some of the contents of this CD-ROM are also available for free download from the Public Information section of the WEF website

 WEF Membership Committee Seeking Vice Chair Position
Committees serve a number of important roles to an organization's process and to be effective, a committee needs members and leadership.  The WEF Membership Committee is currently seeking a Vice Chair to assist the committee to advise the Board of Trustees on strategies, programs, and services to enhance the value of the WEF membership; to work with Member Associations to develop programs to promote and enhance WEF membership; and to work with WEF Staff to develop and implement approved membership value programs.  Help make a difference, get involved by volunteering to serve on the WEF Membership Committee!  Questions, contact WEF Staff Jessica LaFever.

Stormwater Awareness - New York Times
There is an increasing awareness that rain, and the stormwater it produces is a growing menace and concern to communities.  View a recent article in the New York Times featuring WEF Staff Seth Brown on normal stormwater runoff being the only source of water pollution in the country that is getting worse.  Read More  

 Central States WEA - New Student Chapter
The WEF Board of Trustees has approved charter for the student chapter recently formed at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, under the guidance of faculty advisor Linda Reid.  Congratulations to the Central States WEA in support to students in forming and maintaining eight chapters.  Click here to view a list of WEF chartered student chapters.

 WEF Ads for MAs
Ready made 1/2 page ads are available 24/7 to MAs.  The ad format will allow you to proportionally reduce or enlarge to fit the need.  MAs can play a significant role by utilizing these ads to further promote training and educational programs to WEF members.  Check back periodically as new ads are posted.  View the new ads now available!  

Promote your MA Programs
Have news to share?  WEFLeader offers a vechicle for MA's to share programs, and exciting news with each other.  Let us know what is happening in your world!  Contact WEF Staff Dianne Crilley.