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Illinois WEA 

The Illinois Water Environment Association has a promotional video on their home page showcasing their efforts in being good stewards for the protection of our planets most essential resource...water.  Check it out!   


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Current Issue:  Jan 2015 

MA Leader Education Training - Membership Series Webcast
Jan. 15th: Operator Engagement/Professionalism - Register
Jan. 22nd:  Students and Young Professionals - Register

Mark your calendars for the next webcasts in the Membership Series, presented by the WEF House of Delegates Leadership Development Workgroup!  On January 15th, Chapters 1 and 2 will be covered, focusing on Membership Recruitment and Retention led by WEF Delegates Mary Johnson from the Illinois WEA and Dean Miller from the Pennsylvania WEA.  All Member Associations cite recruitment of new members and retention of members as the highest priority for a thriving MA.  Patricia Cerro-Reehil (Executive Director, New York WEA), Judi Henrich (Executive Manager, Ohio WEA), and Julie Nahrgang (Executive Director, WEA of Texas) will offer details on recruitment and retention strategies that have worked for their MAs.

On January 22nd, Chapter 5 will be presented on the topic of Students and Young Professionals led by WEF Delegates Aimee Killen from the Louisiana WEA, Paul Pinault from the Florida WEA, and Lance Manabe from the Hawaii WEA.  Please share this information with anyone in your association that may be interested in this material.  Each webcast in this series will take place from 12:00 - 1:30 PM EST.


Registration is now open!  WEFMAX 2015 offers an opportunity for WEF volunteers to hold discussions on matters of importance to WEF, the water environment profession, and to our communities.  The four topics selected for WEFMAX 2015 are:  Membership, Leadership Development, MA Financial Stability, and Student Chapters.  WEF Vice President Rick Warner, WEF Trustee Garry Macdonald, WEF President-Elect Paul Bowen, WEF Trustee Tom Kunetz, WEF President Ed McCormick, WEF Treasurer Ralph Exton, WEF Trustee Erin Mosley and WEF House of Delegates Speaker (Duyen Tran) or WEF HOD Speaker-Elect (Jamie Eichenberger), and the WEFMAX Committee members comprised of Todd Boling - Chair; Carl Janson - Vice Chair; Mary Johnson, Betsy Catchings, and Lance Manabe will attend and participate in WEFMAX.

WEF Invites You to Submit Award Nominations for 2015!
Now is the perfect time to start thinking about submitting nominations for the 2015 WEF Annual Awards, as nominations will be open from January 1 - April 1, 2015.  If you know someone who has made a positive contribution to the water environment, consider submitting a nomination.  Click here to visit the WEF webpage for Awards, which has all of the information you will need to nominate your outstanding members.  Contact WEF Staff, Kelsey Hurst for more information.  

Water Environment Federation Fellows Program
The Water Environment Federation is now accepting applications for the 2015 WEF Fellows' candidates.  The WEF Fellows Program recognizes the professional achievements and the impact members have made in the practice areas served by WEF.  For more information, contact WEF Staff Kelsey Hurst or call 703.684.2477.  The deadline to submit applications and nominations is February 1, 2015.

WEF Recruiter Recognition
WEF congratulates the following people who recruited one or more individuals as new members in 2014.  Virgil White - Alabama's WEA; Linda Losurdo - California WEA; Anna F Santino - Chesapeake WEA; Nancy Gallinaro - Florida WEA; Kameron Reeves - Iowa WEA; Dana L Audet - Montana WEA; Wei Lin - North Dakota WEA; Robert K Fischer - New England WEA; Will Stradling, Douglas Daley, and Walter Saukin - New York WEA; Nate Carr and Ernest Isaac - Ohio WEA; Chase A Kelch - Pennsylvania WEA; William Carrion - Puerto Rico W&EA; Gary Marshall - Rocky Mountain WEA; Kevin Laird - WEA of South Carolina; and Jeffrey Halliday - Western Canada WEA.  Thank you! 

Help Shape Operator Certification Exams
In order to keep up with a continually-0evolving industry, the Association of Boards of Certification (ABC) and its Certification Commission for Environmental Professionals (C2EP) need water environment operators to participate in an international job analysis of water treatment, water distribution, wastewater collection, and wastewater treatment system operations.  This job analysis will provide the foundation for the next round of certification exams developed by C2EP.  The results of job analysis surveys indicate what knowledge, skills, and abilities are most commonly utilized by operators and considered most critical to protecting the public health and environment.  Click here for more information and to access the surveys.

Illinois Water Environment Association
The Illinois WEA (IWEA) has a promotional video on their home page showcasing their efforts in being good stewards for the protection of our planets most essential resource...water.  IWEA is a community of dedicated professionals working to advance the knowledge and expertise of wastewater professionals through education and collaboration.  The video gave recognition to being a member of WEF who also works with other water related organizations to provide more comprehensive learning and networking opportunities.  The association offers something for everyone.  The IWEA is a future oriented association committed to promoting our industry to young adults and fostering future industry leaders.  Water...we use it, we enjoy it, we depend on it.  Let's together work on protecting the environment.

Promote your MA Programs

Have news to share?  WEFLeader offers a vechicle for MA's to share programs, and exciting news with each other.  Let us know what is happening in your world!  Contact WEF Staff Dianne Crilley.