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The New England WEA has a new Public Education campaign called Water for Life.  The goal is to create awareness and action around key water industry topics: Health and Safety, Sustainability, and Career Opportunities.  Click here for more information on this new initiative that was shared at WEFMAX 2016!   



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Current Issue:  June 2016 

Congratulations to Team KSB-USA for winning the 3rd Open German Championship in Wastewater Technology!  The all-star Operations Challenge team competed against 36 teams from six countries as part of IFAT 2016 in Munich.  If you missed the action in Germany, you have another chance to see these hard-working operators show off their skills at Operations Challenge 2016 this fall at WEFTEC 2016 in New Orleans.  Read more...
WEFTEC Leadership Day
Mark you calendars!  For over 30 years Mark Levin of B.A.I. Inc. has been helping organizations throughout the world grow and prosper.  When Mark talks, or writes, about membership development or volunteer leadership, he speaks with the voice of experience.  With membership being one of WEF's focus areas, WEF has invited Mark to lead a 3-hour session on Tuesday, September 27th at WEFTEC Leadership Day held during WEFTEC 2016 in New Orleans.  Member Association leaders will learn how to move from being "organization centric" or a "member-centric' organization -= viewing membership from the member's perspective.  Mark will discuss the new tools that have been developed to help organizations better understand and manage the customer experience and he will also include an exercise for the attendees.  A Special WEFLeader will go out in August with more details and registration information. Questions:  Contact WEF Staff Dianne Crilley.
LIFT - Announcing the New MA Toolbox
Do you belong to a WEF Member Association (MA)?  Is your MA interested in helping accelerate innovation and the adoption of new technologies in your region?  The Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT) is a multi-pronged initiative undertaken by the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) and WEF to help bring new water technology to the field quickly and efficiently.  LIFT has developed a toolbox that outlines opportunities for WEF MA's to connect with LIFT and help expedite technology adoption.  The LIFT MA Toolbox highlights multiple opportunities for engagement such as connection with test beds, participating in technology scans, and becoming a LIFT Affiliate.  Click here to access the toolbox and give a 'lift" to your MA's innovation efforts.  To better understand the LIFT program and how it works, you can view the LIFT Getting Involved 101 webinar.
Online Communities Offer More for Associations
Associations struggle with identifying new avenues to generate nondues revenue.  Many are now using their online communities as a vehicle to drive up nondues revenue.  These communities can be useful outlets for growth and increased revenue generated through third-party advertising and sponsorships as well as cross-promotion of association products and events.  Without member engagement, your association won't get the revenue and retention rates you need.  Online communities are not only the go-to hubs for members to interact and share knowledge, they can be great platforms for generating new revenue streams.  Read more...

Help Make a Difference in the WEFTEC Host City
The Students & Young Professionals Committee (SYPC) invites you to give back to New Orleans this September.  Since 2008, the SYPC has organized a community service project in the WEFTEC host city as a way to improve the local water environment and leave a positive and lasting effect on the community.  This year's project, to be held on the grounds of City Hall in New Orleans, will include the construction of bioretention cells and bioswales.  These green infrastructure measures will help capture and filter stormwater runoff to alleviate flooding and improve water quality.  The project will also help educate the community about water, the environment, and green infrastructure.

How Can You Help?
Donate:  Funding for the service project is provided entirely by donations - both monetary and material donations are welcomed.  To support the 2016 Community Service project, complete the donation form or contact WEF Staff Caroline Pakenham.

How Can You Volunteer?

Add the "WEF Community Service Project" to your WEFTEC registration.  Volunteers spend 4-6 hours doing hands-on service work.  Thank you for your generous support!

Dates for WEFMAX 2017 have been set!  These meetings provide an opportunity for WEF and Member Associaton (MA) leaders to discuss issues affecting WEF and its MAs and offers an exchange of ideas and experiences at four separate events located across North America.  They also represent social time to foster relationships to ensure continued success.  WEF has had a record breaking year in WEFMAX 2016 attendance.  Check out all the 2016 presentations made by WEF and MAs.  Mark your calendars now!  Which one will you attend?  Questions:  Contact WEF Staff Dianne Crilley.

March 29 - 31 Hosted by the Puerto Rico W&EA in San Juan, PR
April 26 - 28   Hosted by the Ohio WEA in Cincinnati, OH
May 10 - 12   Hosted by the Western Canada WEA in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
May 31 - June 2 Hosted by the WEA of Texas in Austin, TX


New WEF Ads for MAs
WEF currently has a number of new ads posted for MAs to use to include: WEFTEC, SJWP Donate Button, YPS, and various publication advertisements.  These ready made full and 1/2 page ads are available 24/7 to MAs.  The ad format will allow you to proportionally reduce or enlarge to fit the need.  MAs can play a significant role by utilizing these ads in their journals and newsletters to further promote training and educational programs to WEF members.  Click here to access these ads and numerous others. 

The New England WEA Promotes a New Water Champions Campaign
The New England WEA has a new Public Education campaign called Water for Life.  The goal is to create awareness and action around key water industry topics:  Health and Safety, Sustainability, and Career Opportunities.  Click here for more information on this new initiative that was shared at WEFMAX 2016! 


Have news to share?  WEFLeader offers a vehicle for MA's to share programs, and exciting news with each other.  Let us know what is happening in your world!  Contact WEF Staff Dianne Crilley.