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 New England WEA 

The New England Water Environment Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Mary Barry as the Association's new Executive Director. Ms. Barry has extensive experience in the environmental engineering industry as Strategic Market Programs Director at major engineering companies in the New England area.  Please welcome Mary Barry  










2013 WEF MA Leader Education Program

This complimentary program consists of various educational opportunities for MA Leaders. Mark your calendar to join us at the events listed below to learn skills that can enhance your role as a MA Leader, get updates on WEF technical initiatives and connect with Jeff Eger, WEF Executive Director.

CURRENT Webcasts 

November  2013 - TBA - Engaging with WEF Social Media - Learn How to Build Your Social Network
Learn how WEF is using social media to promote products and services and to provide as a technical resource and to understand why establishing social media guidlines is important.  Guest speakers will share their experience in engaging in social media, and share innovative examples of volunteers and MA's using social media.

PAST Webcasts

July 30, 2013 - Using WEFCOM
MA Leaders are invited to attend this webinar to learn how to use WEFCOM, WEF's online platform for members to network and exchange information. Communities provide an online workspace where members can share discussions, files, and events. Discussions included ways for Member Associations can utilize this online tool.  

February 25, 2013 - How WEF Can Help You Celebrate World Water Day 2013 
Presenters: Betty Jordan, WEF's Public Communications & Outreach Committee; Lori Harrison, WEF WATER'S WORTH IT; Amanda Waters and Arika Lawrence, WEF Water for Jobs and Advocacy; Grace Hulse, WEF World Water Monitoring Challenge
Presentation - pdf format

This webcast foscused on providing an overview of WEF's public outreach resources and how they may be used to help celebrate World Water Day 2013. 

August 28, 2012 - 'The Best of WEFTEC: Communicating with Public Officials' 
Presenters: Roy Rogers, Director - Clean Water Services - Hillsboro, OR; Commissioner - Washington County, OR
Rob McElroy - General Manager, Daphne Utilities
George Martin - General Manager, Greenwood Metropolitan District

This webcast focuses on several problems that might face the water industry during the average week.  The speakers on this webcast include an elected official and someone working in the water industry, who both offer their perspectives and advice on the problems. 

 December 20, 2012 - 'MA Online Reports: A Basic How-To'
Presenters: Lori Jordan and Marissa Adawag, WEF Staff

This webcast covers a basic introduction to MA Online Reports, including who gets access to the reports. Actual demonstrations during the webcast include updating security settings for Internet Explorer 9, how to access online reports in, how to run the negative change report, data dump report, MA Dashboard and Committee Roster & MA Rebates.

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