About the Private Property Virtual Library (PPVL)

The PPVL is designed to be a resource for utilities that are:

  • evaluating the options and benefits related to different types of private property programs
  • developing a private property program to implement in their service area
  • enhancing existing private property programs

The PPVL Project Team is charged with the responsibility of:

  • raising the awareness of the extent of private property-related issues and impacts
  • providing detailed information and examples by utilities that have developed successful private property programs

To this end the PPVL Project Team developed, and will continue to maintain and expand, this virtual library to share the information collected from utilities who have volunteered to provide their data, experiences, and lessons learned.

If you are a utility who has a private property program, please consider sharing your information on the PPVL. Download the questionnaire  and return it to Laurie Chase, PPVL Project Manager, at

If you are interested in joining the PPVL Team, we ask that you first join the Collection Systems Committee. To join the committee, simply apply online.