Here's what they have to say...


"I believe that all of the wonderful opportunities and experiences that I’ve had in my academic and professional career wouldn’t have been possible without my SJWP experience.  It is what opened doors for me and helped me realize what I was passionate about in engineering and science.  I am so grateful to have been part of the SJWP experience.  It was both a fun and educational experience that shaped my future in engineering.  I am very proud to be an SJWP alumnus."   Demetra Tsiamis, NY State Winner, 2007 


"As an educator, I have to say that I am always extremely pleased with the way the competition committee focuses on providing students with the best experience they can get. I brought a younger student this year who was worried about, "fitting in." After the first "getting to know you" session, I never saw him in a situation where he wasn't talking with some group of students or another. On the flight home he was already scheming on how to get back again next year ... it seems that he made quite a few new friends in science. That is what it is all about.” Jonathan Smith, Science Teacher, Juneau-Douglas High School  


“…[s]eeing the various projects completed by the other finalists gave me inspiration. Even as high school students, we possess the ability to make an impact with our findings. Everyone’s project was incredible. All of us were working towards improving water quality and, consequently, improving the lives of many people. We were all supportive of each other, and I heard nothing but positive words throughout the weekend. I thank everyone for giving me such an amazing experience. I will definitely work hard in the years to come in hopes of becoming a finalist again.” Himabindu Vinnakota, South Carolina State Winner 


"Thank you very much for the opportunity for my student from Ovey Comeaux High School to represent Louisiana at the U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize Competition. Your support and generosity was greatly appreciated. Both of us came back with more knowledge than what we left with and so much to share with students for the upcoming school year. We both came back with a strong desire to inspire and increase students’ interest in water-related issues and research and to raise awareness about global water challenges.” Lisa Ranney, Teacher, Ovey Comeaux High School, LA 


“Thank you again for offering this amazing opportunity for young scientists to get a glimpse into many career fields and to present their work in order to get professional feedback.” Taylor Murdock, Utah State Winner 


The level of planning and student exposure to Water Environment professionals and the diverse professions possible within this arena was truly awesome.” Kathy Borges, Representative of Senior High School, MT 


“The events and arrangements of the weekend were beyond my expectations.” Marcia H. Richter, Upper School Science Instructor, Breck School, MN