SPONSORED BY: Bentley Systems, Black & Veatch, CDM Smith, Greeley and Hansen
Award Presenter:  WEF Incoming President, Ed McCormick 
Design Competition Chair:  Lauren Zuravnski, Greeley and Hansen
Design Competition Vice Chair: Allison Reinert, Hazen and Sawyer  |  WEF Staff: Dianne Crilley


USF 2014
1st Place: University of South Florida
  - ($2,500)
Advisor: Dr. Sarina Ergas
Team:  Lauren Davis, Michael Esteban, Jared Faniel,
Andrew Filippi, Winsome Jackson, Herby Jean, Richard Johnson
Project Title: South/Central Hillsborough County Service Area Capital Improvement Project 

 Utah State U 2014
2nd Place:  Utah State University
- ($1,500)
Design Team Sponsor: Julie Ellis
Team: Ayman Alafifi, William Fullmer, Dan Horne, Alexandra Rasband
Project Title: Morgan, Utah Wastewater Lagoon Upgrade

U of Wyoming 2014
3rd Place: University of Wyoming 
Advisor: Dr. William Bellamy, Dr. Patricia Colberg, Dr. Michael Urynowicz
Team: Jonathan Herrboldt, TJ Gajda, Madison Graulty, Dustin Wheeler
Project Title: Nutrient Removal at the Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility: A Comprehensive Approach

SMU 2014
4th Place: Southern Methodist University 
Team Sponsor: Julie Ellis
Team: Elle Holbrook, Leslie Hurley, Justin Vause
Project Title: City of Decatur, Texas Wastewater Treatment Plant Master Plan 


 U of  British Columbua 2014 
1st Place: University of British Columbia - ($2,500)
Advisor: Noboru Yonemitsu
Team: Stephen Bertulli, Robert D'Amours, David Houghton, Davis Saabas, Michael Thiessen
Project Title: Scenario Evaluation for Maintaining Baseflows and Water Quality in Star Creek

U of Windsor 2014
2nd Place: University of Windsor
 - ($1,500)
Advisor: Dr. Rajesh Seth
Team: Hajjar Ahmad Rizal, Yanting Liu, Shibin Pennickara, Stephanie Shaw
Project Title: Upgrade of Colony Trail Stormwater Pond and Expansion of Stormwater Management

VMI 2014
3rd Place: VMI
 - ($1,000)
Advisor: Dr. Tim Moore
Team: Damian Arniaz, Tyler Brickles, Peter Buehlmann, Andrew Rotermund, Warner Thomas
Project Title:  Eco-Latrines and Solar Showers in Bolivia 

U of Miami 2014 
4th Place:  University of Miami
 - ($750)
Advisor: Dr. James D Englehardt
Team: Eric Antmann, Lucien Gassie, Katelyn Ireland,
Sabina Rakhimbekova, Sathvika Ramaji, Raul Velarde
Project Title: Advection-Diffusion Analysis and Potential Upgrade of SE FL Ocean Outfalls


 NDSU 2014 
North Dakota State University | Advisor: Dr. Wei Lin
Team: Paul Bervik, Ryan David, Kellen Grubb, Bryce DeGuise, Erin Mattern, Jay Miller,
Dhriti Roy, Mitchell Swanson, Berdakh Utenmuratov
Project Title: West Fargo Wastewater Treatment Regionalization

U of Maryland Baltimore
University of Maryland Baltimore County
 | Advisor: Dr. Lee Blaney
Team: Elvis Andino Nolasco, Trevor Needham, Eli Patmont, James Sanders
Project Title: Town of Onyota WWTP ENR Upgrade and Expansion Project

Marquette U 2014
Marquette University |
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Zitomer
Team: Sara Breitzman, Andrea Dunn, Matt Fueston, Sarah Walsh
Project Title: Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Resource Recovery Facility

NC State U 2014
North Carolina State University
 | Advisor: Dr. Joel J Ducoste
Team: Amir Gholami, Chris Mattox, Justin Pescosolido, Karen Stone
Project Title:  Rock Creek Lift Station Retrofit and Forcemain Design

 UL Urbana Champaign 2014
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
| Advisor: Dr. Jeremy S Guest
Team: Amanda Caldwell-Jacques, William (Bill) Cheng, Reggie Jansen, Lance Langer
Project Title: Providing Sanitation to Peri-Urban Slums in Nairobi, Kenya