SPONSORED BY: Black & Veatch, CDM Smith, HDR Engineering, Greeley and Hansen, Parsons Brinckerhoff
Award Presenter:  WEF Past Officer Jeanette Brown 
Design Competition Chair:  Lauren Zuravnski, Greeley and Hansen
Design Competition Vice Chair: Allison Reinert, Hazen and Sawyer  |  WEF Staff: Dianne Crilley


/uploadedImages/Public_Information/College_Students/Design_Competition/USF Team with Jeanette Brown and Dr Ergas_1803A.JPG1st Place: University of South Florida
  - ($2,500)
Advisor: Dr. Sarina Ergas
Team:  Nicole Smith, Margaret Cone, Melissa Butcher, Matthew Woodham, George Dick
Project Title: City of St. Petersburg Biogass Utilization Project

/uploadedImages/Public_Information/College_Students/Design_Competition/SMU Team with Jeanette Brown_1765A.JPG2nd Place:  Southern Methodist University - ($1,500)
Design Team Sponsor: Julie Ellis
Team: Allison Blake, Esther Kolkman, Madalyn Liebum, Margaret Fryer
Project Title: City of Gainesville, Texas Wastewater Treatment Plant Master Plan

/uploadedImages/Public_Information/College_Students/Design_Competition/UC Boulder Team Keith Bowhan with Jeanette Brown_1770A.JPG3rd Place: University of Colorado - Boulder 
Advisor: Dr. Angela Bielefeldt
Team: Keith Bowhan, Kyle Gustafson, Corey Miller, Alec Thomas
Project Title: Clear View Consultants - Arsenic Removal From Waste Water

/uploadedImages/Public_Information/College_Students/Design_Competition/UW Team with Jeanette Brown_1814A.JPG4th Place: University of Wisconsin - Madison 
Advisor: Jae (Jim) Park
Team: Antonio Garcia, Benjamin Kultgen, Daniel Schwartz, Sallu Shumaker
Project Title: Closing the Loop on PET Recycling


/uploadedImages/Public_Information/College_Students/Design_Competition/UBC Team with Jeanette Brown_1823A.JPG 1st Place: University of British Columbia - ($2,500)
Advisor: Dr. Don Mavinic 
Team: Christopher Lawson, Laith Furatian, Michal Simhon, Connor Wilson, Rony Das
Project Title: Microalgae Cultivation and Harvesting: Design of Pilot Facilities at the Annacis Wastewater Academy

/uploadedImages/Public_Information/College_Students/Design_Competition/USF with Dr Ergas_1851A.JPG2nd Place: University of South Florida
 - ($1,500)
Advisor: Dr. Sarina Ergas
Team: Erin Morrison, Brett French, Caitlin Hoch, Josh Becker, Miki Skinner
Project Title: Booker Creek Watershed Evaluation and Design

/uploadedImages/Public_Information/College_Students/Design_Competition/NDSU Team with Jeanette Brown and Dr Wei Lin_1833A.JPG3rd Place: North Dakota State University
 - ($1,000)
Advisor: Dr. Wei Lin
Team: Erin Mattern, James Mickelson, Weston McGruder, Michael Quamme, Jacob Strombeck, Kevin Young, Tanush Wadhawan
Project Title: Sustainable Solution for Industrial Sugar Beet Spoliage for American Crystal Sugar Company  

/uploadedImages/Public_Information/College_Students/Design_Competition/University of Illinois with Jeanette Brown_1842A.JPG4th Place:  University of Illinois - Urbana - Champaign - ($750)
Advisor: Dr. Jeremy Guest
Team: Mike Azzarello, Reggie Jansen, Namrata Logishetty, Donnie Manhard, Hector Briceno, Alyssa Sohn
Project Title: Combined Sewer Overflows in Mishawaka, IN


/uploadedImages/Public_Information/College_Students/Design_Competition/Old Dominion with Jeanette Brown_1757A.JPGOld Dominion University | Advisor: Dr. Gary Schafran
Team: Joseph Bonneau, Jon DeArmond, Steven Kazmer, Shirley Luu
Project Title: Virginia Initiative Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

/uploadedImages/Public_Information/College_Students/Design_Competition/U of Guelph Team with Jeanette Brown_1783A.JPGUniversity of Guelph
| Advisor: Dr. Hongde Zhou, Ph.D., P. Eng.
Team: Bradley Free, Kyle Lockwood, Robyn Thompson, Tanzeel Ahmed
Project Title: Expansion of the Newcastle Water Pollution Control Plant

/uploadedImages/Public_Information/College_Students/Design_Competition/UNReno Team with Jeanette Brown_1795A.JPGUniversity of Nevada - Reno |
Advisor: Eric Marchand
Team: Ashley Kaiser, Jenny Mital
Project Title: East Fernley Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion Proposal

/uploadedImages/Public_Information/College_Students/Design_Competition/U of Utah with Jeanette Brown_1811A.JPGUniversity of Utah
| Advisor: Dr. Ramesh Goel
Team: Amir M. Motlagh, Pei Huang, Ksheeraja Yakkala
Project Title:  Fats, Oil, Grease (FOG) Recovery for Anaerobic Digestion Augmentation Feasibility Study