Too Cute to Pollute?

Looks, size, and diet don’t matter — pets can pollute if you don’t pick up after them. That’s because pet waste left on the ground eventually contaminates the watershed. Waste components like fecal bacteria and nutrients are washed into storm drains, streams, and other receive waters by irrigation, rain, melting snow, and flooding. They can also simply leach through the soil and into the ground water. Even waste from smaller pets can have an impact on the local water environment.

You Can Prevent Pet Pollution! A pet waste bag (biodegradable if possible) and environmental awareness are really all it takes. Never place pet waste in your compost pile or near water supplies or vegetable gardens, flush cat litter or bird seed down the toilet.

When walking your pet, just remember to:

  • Bring a bag or other means to pick up waste.
  • Always pick up.
  • Dispose of pet waste in trash can, pet waste receptacle, or according to local laws.
  • Always wash your hands!

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