Watershed Protection

What Is A Watershed?
Watersheds are regions as small as a backyard or as big as any major river basin where all land drains to a particular body of water or common point. In a watershed, a creek that’s clean at one end could be polluted downstream by drainage from other waters. It’s important to understand how water uses and threats anywhere in a common geographical area, including surface water, groundwater, and wetlands, can damage an entire watershed.

What Is Watershed Management?
Watershed management is a holistic approach to address water quality issues throughout an entire watershed.  Through watershed management, the most serious issues can be addressed first, and limited resources can be tailored and allocated to match individual watershed requirements.

How Can Consumers Help?
Everyone shares a watershed, and each has its own unique set of water quality issues. In particular, consumers can:
• Learn about water resources and uses in their own watershed
• Talk to their elected officials about watershed management
• Make sure area schools teach about watershed protection
• Ensure that hazardous materials are disposed of properly
• Reach out to other communities and cross political boundaries in the interest of watershed management.