2004 SJWP State Winners

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ALEXANDRIA, VA, April 30, 2004 - The Water Environment Federation (WEF) proudly announces the 2004 U.S. state winners of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize - the most prestigious youth award for a water-related science project. WEF Member Associations selected and most will sponsor state winners to enter the national competition in Denver, Colorado, June 10-12. The U.S. winner will receive $2,500 and an all expense paid trip to Stockholm, Sweden for the international competition. (See attached list of state winners, schools and project titles).

"The SJWP competition is an important element in WEF's continuing efforts to attract young professionals into the water quality field," said WEF Executive Director, Bill Bertera, "the competition promotes leadership, academic excellence and environmental stewardship, which will benefit not only the individual but the entire environmental and public health community, domestically and internationally."

The purpose of the SJWP is to increase students' interest in water-related issues and research, and to sensitize them - as future leaders - to global water challenges. The competition for the SJWP award is open to projects aimed at improving the quality of life through improvement of water quality, water resources management, water protection or water and wastewater treatment.

In the United States, WEF and its member associations, organize the national, state and regional SJWP competitions with support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The Coca-Cola Company and ITT Industries, who is also the international sponsor. Internationally, HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is the patron of the prize. In a royal ceremony, during World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden, August 15-20, 2004, the international winner will receive $5,000 (USD).


U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Alabama - Jennifer Taylor
Henry A. Bradshaw High School, Florence, Alabama
Project Title: Determination of the Presence of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Due to Improper Disposal of Antibiotics through the Sewage System
Awarding Organization: Alabama Water Environment Association

Alaska - Elise Sorum
Valdez High School, Valdez, Alaska
Project Title: A Question of Shape
Awarding Organization: Alaska Water Environment Association

Arizona - no entries

Arkansas - Raven Rice
Arkansas School for Mathematics and Sciences, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Project Title: Bacterial Variation in Whittington Creek due to Location and Seasonal Changes
Awarding Organization: Arkansas Water Environment Association

California - Megan Yoo
Northwood High School
Project Titile: Chlorination: Saving Lives Everyday, or Is It? A Study on the Formation of Trihalomethanes in Natural Water
Awarding Organization: California Water Environment Association

Colorado - Balaji Sridhar
The Children's Hospital, Denver, Colorado
Project Title: Optimization of a Novel Process of Removal of Arsenic Residues from Drinking Water Treatment Waste
Awarding Organization: Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association

Connecticut - Valerie Schoepfer
Norwich Free Academy, Norwich, Connecticut
Project Title: Water Quality and Chlorophyll Concentration in Fresh and Salt Water
Awarding Organization: New England Water Environment Association

Delaware - no entries

District of Columbia - no entries

Florida - Lindsey Sisco
Cooper City High School, Cooper City, Florida
Project Title: Using Empirical Models to Predict Water Quality for Nutrient Management in Natural and Created Wetlands
Awarding Organization: Florida Water Environment Association

Georgia - Christina Faust
Cedar Shoals High School, Athens, Georgia
Project Title: Stream Riparian Zone Influence on Terrestrial Invertebrates: Part II
Awarding Organization: Georgia Water & Pollution Control Association

Hawaii - Kiana Frank
Kamehameha High School, Honolulu, Hawaii
Project Title: Effect of Residential and Agricultural Runoff on a Hawaiian Ahupua'a: Molecular Microbial Ecology of Water Systems
Awarding Organization: Hawaii Water Environment Association

Idaho - no entries

Illinois - Daria Zelasko
Mother Theodore Guerin High School
Project Title: Benevolent Bacteria: Water Purification at the Cellular Level
Awarding Organization: Illinois Water Environment Association

Indiana - Abigail Hines
Orchard Day School, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Project Title: A Comparison of Herbs and Bti as Larvicides on Culex pipiens and their Effect on Daphnia magna
Awarding Organization: Indiana Water Environment Association

Iowa - Mauree Gibson
Central Lee High School, Donnellson, Iowa
Project Title: Environmental Effects of Industrial Run-off on Daphnia magna
Awarding Organization: Iowa Water Pollution Control Association

Kansas - no entries

Kentucky - Jordan Waterman
Ballard High School, Louisville, Kentucky
Project Title: The Effects of Mercury on the Heart Rates of Daphnia
Awarding Organization: Kentucky-Tennessee Water Environment Association

Louisiana - Richard Carman
Ben Franklin High School, New Orleans, Louisiana
Project Title: Effects of Storm Activity on Water Quality in Lake Pontchartrain
Awarding Organization: Louisiana Water Environment Association

Maine - no entries

Maryland - Jarrett Remsberg
Middletown High School, Middletown, Maryland
Project Title: Effects of Dietary Phosphorus on the Excretion of Total Phosphorus and Soluble Phosphorus in the Feces of Lactating Dairy Cows
Awarding Organization: Chesapeake Water Environment Association

Massachusetts - Eric Wilson
North Attleborough High School, North Attleborough, Massachusetts
Project Title: Phycoremediation: Alternative Organic and Inorganic Aqueous Pollution Removal
Awarding Organization: New England Water Environment Association

Michigan - Quintisha Walker
Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy, Saginaw, Michigan
Project Title: The Effects of the Tittabawassee River Water on Eucidaris Tribuloides
Awarding Organization: Michigan Water Environment Association

Minnesota - Elizabeth Welsh
Proctor High School, Proctor, Minnesota
Project Title: The Use of Barley Straw to Control Algal and Macrophyte Growth on Wild Rice Lake--Phase IV
Awarding Organization: Central States Water Environment Association

Mississippi - Anna Jordan
Mercy Cross High School, Biloxi, Mississippi
Project Title: The Effluent Influence: A Study of Effluent Pollution
Awarding Organization: Mississippi Water Environment Association

Missouri - Sky Vanderburg
Moberly High School, Moberly, Missouri
Project Title: Skeeter Beaters? The Effect of Aesculus glabra on Culex pipiens-Year II
Awarding Organization: Missouri Water Environment Association

Montana - Joseph Pudelka
Lincoln County High School, Eureka, Montana
Project Title: Using Electrospinning Techniques and Applications to Produce an Inexpensive Water Filtration System that Effectively Removes Microorganisms
Awarding Organization: Montana Water Environment Association

Nebraska - Kelly Kinzer
Lakeview High School, Columbus, Nebraska
Project Title: Analysis of Glass Polishing Wastewater Phase II
Awarding Organization: Nebraska Water Environment Association

Nevada - Lindsay Gilbertson
Elko High School, Elko, Nevada
Project Title: Carbonate Precipitation Induced by Temperature Fluctuation in Freshwater Marsh Systems of the Great Basin -A Study of Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge
Awarding Organization: Nevada Water Environment Association

New Hampshire - no entries

New Jersey - Rosalind Pan
Bergen County Academies, Hackensack, New Jersey
Project Title: Evaluation of Toxicity of 2,4-D in Epithelial Fish Cell In Vitro and Rotifers in VIVO
Awarding Organization: New Jersey Water Environment Association

New Mexico - Brandi Bahringer
Deming High School
Projec Titile: The utilization of D. stramonium for the bioadsorption of Cd, U, Sr from heavy metal contaminated water
Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association

New York - Khaivchandra Ramjeawan
Uniondale High School, Uniondale, New York
Project Title: Elimination of Arsenic from Soil and Water: The Use of Hyperaccumulators to Phytoremediate Arsenic Salts
Awarding Organization: New York Water Environment Association

North Carolina - Erin Casner
West Rowan High School, Mt. Ulla, North Carolina
Project Title: Water Fountain Fantoms
Awarding Organization: North Carolina Water Environment Association

North Dakota - Megan Bladow
Hankinson Public School, Hankinson, North Dakota
Project Title: An Inquisition into the Hydro-Conditions of Regional Lakes
Awarding Organization: North Dakota Water Environment Association

Ohio - Valerie Andrus
Beaumont High School, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Project Title: Bioremediation Phase II: A study of the ability of duckweed (Lemna sp. and Wolffia sp.) to bioremediate increased pollutant levels of phosphate, zinc, and oil & grease.
Awarding Organization: Ohio Water Environment Association

Oklahoma - Brandon Fimple
Vinita High School, Vinita, Oklahoma
Project Title: The Effects of Salicylic Acid Treated Poultry Litter on Forage Production, Run-off Water Phosphate Levels, and Closterium Algae Growth
Awarding Organization: Oklahoma Water Environment Association

Oregon - Zachary Costello
Crescent Valley High School, Corvallis, Oregon
Project Title: The Sweet Home Arsenic Project
Awarding Organization: Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association

Pennsylvania - Kelsey Gibbons
Parkland High School, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Project Title: Treating or Cheating? An In-Depth study of a Local Industry and the Effects that it has had on the Environment
Awarding Organization: Pennsylvania Water Environment Association

Rhode Island - Theresa Raimondo
La Salle Academy, Providence, Rhode Island
Project Title: Can Duckweed be used to Prevent Excessive Algae Growth in Fresh and Salt Water?
Awarding Organization: New England Water Environment Association

South Carolina - Jenny Labadorf
Home School, Travelers Rest, South Carolina
Project Title: A Field Study of the Reedy River
Awarding Organization: South Carolina Water Environment Association

South Dakota - Kaitlynn Krack
Hamlin High School, Hayti, South Dakota
Project Title: Hamlin County Watershed Analysis: Phase II
Awarding Organization: South Dakota Water Environment Association

Tennessee - Christine Li
Cookeville High School, Cookeville, Tennessee
Project Title: Water Quality Assessment of Urban Watersheds-A Two Year Study
Awarding Organization: Kentucky-Tennessee Water Environment Association

Texas - Allie Boone & Jessica Mooney
Maypearl High School, Maypearl, Texas
Project Title: Biosolids: Wave of the Future
Awarding Organization: Water Environment Association of Texas

Utah - Shannon Babb
American Fork High School, American Fork, Utah
Project Title: Troubled Waters: A Six Month Longitudinal Water Quality Study of the Spanish Fork River Drainage System and Remediation Strategies
Awarding Organization: Water Environment Association of Utah

Vermont - no entries

Virginia - Emi Leonard
Loudon County High School, Leesburg, Virginia
Project Title: Alzheimer's Disease: The Effect of pH and Exposure Time on the Copper Content of Drinking Water Delivered in Copper Pipes
Awarding Organization: Virginia Water Environment Association

Washington - Megan Cornelius
Sunnyside High School, Sunnyside, Washington
Project Title: Biofiltration of Environmental Pollutants
Awarding Organization: Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association

West Virginia - Adam Eifert & Erin Eifert
Hedgesville High School, Hedgesville, West Virginia
Project Title: Is the Solution to Pollution Dilution?
Awarding Organization: West Virginia Water Environment Association

Wisconsin - Michael Pizer
University School of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Project Title: An Ecologically-Sound Method of Delivering Water Treatments Using Antibubbles
Awarding Organization: Central States Water Environment Association

Wyoming - Ashley Bredin
Three Peaks Christian School, Sheridan, Wyoming
Project Title: "An Analysis of the Effect of Coalbed Methane Discharge Water on Agropyron desertorum Germination and Seedling Growth"
Awarding Organization: Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association