2005 SJWP State Winners

For Immediate Release
May 2, 2005

Media Contact: Lori Burkhammer
(703) 684-2480


Alexandria, VA - The Water Environment Federation (WEF) proudly announces the 2005 U.S. state winners of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP) - the most prestigious youth award for a water-related science project. WEF Member Associations selected and will sponsor state winners to enter the national competition in Portland, Oregon, June 16-18. The U.S. winner will receive $2,500 and an all expense paid trip to Stockholm, Sweden for the international competition. The U.S. winner's school will receive $1,000 toward enhancing science education and the student will present their research to water quality experts at WEFTEC®.05, WEF's annual technical exhibition and conference in Washington, DC, October 29 - November 2, 2005. (List of state winners, schools and project titles immediately follows release).

"The SJWP competition is an important element in the Federation's continuing efforts to attract young professionals into the water quality field," said WEF Executive Director Bill Bertera. "The competition promotes leadership, academic excellence and environmental stewardship, which will benefit not only the individual but the entire environmental and public health community - both domestically and internationally."

The purpose of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize is to increase students' interest in water-related issues and research, and to sensitize them - as future leaders - to global water challenges. The competition for the SJWP award is open to projects aimed at improving the quality of life through improvement of water quality, water resources management, water protection or water and wastewater treatment.

In the United States, WEF and its member associations organize the national, state and regional SJWP competitions with support from the ITT Industries (also the international sponsor), The Coca-Cola Company, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Office of Research and Development. Internationally, HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is the patron of the prize. In a royal ceremony, during World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden, August 21-27, the international winner will receive $5,000 (USD). For more information about the competition visit


U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Alabama - Jennifer Taylor
Florence High School, Florence, AL
"Determination of Antibiotic Presence in the Tennessee River and Inflowing Waters"
Sponsored by the Alabama Water Environment Association

Alaska - Clay Wertheimer & Brenna Heintz
Juneau Douglas High School, Juneau, AK
"Seasonal Dynamics of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Gastineau Channel"
Sponsored by the Alaska Water Environment Association

Arizona - Oanh Nguyen & Nicole Carbajal
Basha High School, Chandler, AZ
"Comparison of Rockwool Versus Sand When Used as Filter Media in a Biological Water Filter"
Sponsored by the Arizona Water and Pollution Control Association

Arkansas - Colin Sears
Alma High School, Alma, AR
"Non Point Source Pollution Comparative Analysis of the White River and Beaver Lake, Arkansas"
Sponsored by the Arkansas Water Environment Association

California - Megan Yoo
"Wanted: Safe and Healthful Water - No Strings Attached (Phases II and III)"
Sponsored by the California Water Environment Association

Colorado - Ananth Sridhar
Cherry Creek High School, Greenwood Village, CO
"A Novel Method to Asist Regulators Determine Site-specific Water Quality Criteria for Copper"
Sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association

Connecticut - Margaret Boushell
Newtown High School, Sandy Hook, CT
"The Effects of a Home Heating Oil Spill on the Local Environment"
Sponsored by the New England Water Environment Association


District of Columbia - Genevieve Allen
Alice Deal Junior High School, Washington, DC, DC
"Pesticides and Ghost Shrimp: A Lethal Combination"
Sponsored by the Federal Water Quality Association

Florida - Hasib Nasirullah
American Heritage High School, Plantation, FL
"An Interdisciplinary Approach to Trichloroethylene Pollution in Groundwater Systems Phase II: Computer Modeling"
Sponsored by the Florida Water Environment Association

Georgia - Abby Blocker-Joyner
Statesboro High School, Statesboro, GA
"Sampling & Analysis of Agriculture Related Chemicals in Bulloch County Farm Ponds As Indicators of Accumulation From Runoff, Phase II"
Sponsored by the Georgia Water and Pollution Control Association

Hawaii - April Due & Aimi Latore
Kapolei High School, Kapolei, HI
"The Viability of Processing Cruise Ship Waste at Land-based Wastewater Treatment Facilities"
Sponsored by the Hawaii Water Environment Association


Illinois - Daria Zelasko
Guerin College Preparatory High School, River Grove, IL
"Benevolent Bacteria: Indigenous Bacterial Remediation"
Sponsored by the Illinois Water Environment Association

Indiana - Abigail Hines
Orchard Day School, Fort Wayne, IN
"A Comparison of Herbs and Bti as Larvicides on Culex pipiens and Their Effect on Daphnia magna-Year 2"
Sponsored by the Indiana Water Environment Association

Iowa - Mauree Gibson
Central Lee High School, Donnellson, IA
"Daphnia magna: A Possible Smoke Detector for New Water Pollutants?"
Sponsored by the Iowa Water Pollution Control Association


Kentucky - Kyle Huninghake
DuPont Manual High School, Louisville, KY
"Pesticide Runoff on Aquatic Photosynthesis"
Sponsored by the Kentucky-Tennessee Water Environment Association

Louisiana - Alicia Ranney
Lafayette High School, Lafayette, LA
"Geographical Variation in Concentrations of Metal Residues in Louisiana Bivalves (Crassostrea virginica)"
Sponsored by the Louisiana Water Environment Association

Maine - Ashley Malinowski
Oak Hill High School, Wales, ME
"A Point Source of Ortho-phosphate in the Sabattus Pond (Maine) Watershed?"
Sponsored by the New England Water Environment Association

Maryland - Emily Brownlee
Calvert High School, Prince Frederick, MD
"The Use of Clay to Remove Algal Blooms from Chesapeake Bay Waters"
Sponsored by the Chesapeake Water Environment Association

Massachusetts - Eric Wilson
North Attleborough High School, North Attleborough, MA
"Improving Phycoremediation via Artificial Directional Selection and Its Application to Mercury Pollution"
Sponsored by the New England Water Environment Association

Michigan - Amanda Bennett
Marysville High School, Marysville, MI
"Toxins of the Round Goby: Phase I"
Sponsored by the Michigan Water Environment Association

Minnesota - Elizabeth Welsh
Proctor, Proctor, MN
"The Use of Barley Straw to Control Algal and Macrophyte Growth on Wild Rice Lake-Pre and Post-Eutrophic Conditions"
Sponsored by the Central States Water Environment Associaton

Mississippi - Veniece Kirksey
Yazoo City High School, Yazoo City, MS
"The Effects of Pollutants on Freshwater Algae and Planaria from Local Eutrophic Waters"
Sponsored by the Mississippi Water Environment Association

Missouri - Sky Vanderburg
Moberly High School, Moberly, MO
"The Pipe Dream?: An Analysis of Haloacetic Acids in Wastewater Effluent"
Sponsored by the Missouri Water Environment Association

Montana - Cherry Tomsheck
North Toole County High School, Sunburst, MT
"The Effect of a Selected Herbicide (Trifluralin) on the Flagellar Regeneration and Resorbtion of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"
Sponsored by the Montana Water Environment Association

Nebraska - Laura Johnson
Newman Grove High School, Newman Grove, NE
"Duckweed: A Solution to Pollution? Phase II Hog Sludge"
Sponsored by the Nebraska Water Environment Association

Nevada - Lindsay Gilbertson
Elko High School, Elko, NV
"Bulrush Burning as a Solids Removal Management Technique- A Study of Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge - Year Three"
Sponsored by the Nevada Water Environment Association

New Hampshire

New Jersey - Jonathan Chester
The Peddie School, Hightstown, NJ
"The Effect of Soil Texture on the Adsorption of Escherichia Coli"
Sponsored by the New Jersey Water Environment Association

New Mexico - Abigail Gray
Manzano High School, Albuquerque, NM
"Nitrate and Groundwater in the East Mountains of Bernalillo County - Phase III - Nitrate Variability & Using an Environmental Tracer to Determine Aquifer Recharge Travel Time"
Sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association

New York - David Kashi
Solomon Schechter High School of New York, New York, NY
"Distribution of Cholera Through Natural Water Sources"
Sponsored by the New York Water Environment Association

North Carolina

North Dakota - Megan Bladow
Hankinson Public School, Hankinson, ND
"Regional Rivers: Ecological Attributes and Natural Decontaminators"
Sponsored by the North Dakota Water Environment Association

Ohio - Valerie Andrus
Beuamont School, Cleveland Hts, OH
"Bioremediation of Parking Lot Run-off Water with Duckweed (Lemna sp. and Wolffia sp.) Phase III: Environmental Fate Analysis of Zinc Over a Six Week Period."
Sponsored by the Ohio Water Environment Association

Oklahoma - Molly Steen
Grove High School, Grove, OK
"The Direct Effects of Increased Nutrient Levels on Aquatic Organisms A Bioassay Model of Cave Springs Branch and Honey Creek"
Sponsored by the Oklahoma Water Environment Association

Oregon - Kathryn VanderWeele
Oregon Episcopal School, Portland, OR
"Removal of Arsenic From Drinking Water by Water Hyacinths"
Sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association

Pennsylvania - Megan Conroy
Conroy Learning Center, Export, PA
"Acid Mine Drainage Remidiation Year II"
Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Water Environment Association

Rhode Island

South Carolina - Jenny Labadorf
Homeschool, Travelers Rest, SC
"Seeking the Source: A Longitudinal Study and Analyzation of the Reedy River Watershed in Greenville, S.C. for Sources of Fecal Coliform Nonpoint Source Pollution"
Sponsored by the Water Environment Association of South Carolina

South Dakota - Kaitlynn Krack
Hamlin High School, Hayti, SD
"Hamlin County Watershed Analysis: Phase III"
Sponsored by the South Dakota Water Environment Association

Tennessee - Christine Li
Cookeville High School, Cookeville, TN
"Analysis of Macroinvertebrate Population and Diversity and Their Influence on Water Quality - Phase 3 - A Watershed Study"
Sponsored by the Kentucky-Tennessee Water Environment Association

Texas - James Kucherka
Seguin High School, Seguin, TX
"Wastewater Doesn't Have To Be A Waste"
Sponsored by the Water Environment Association of Texas

Utah - Natalie Hewlett
Weber High School, Pleasant View, UT
"A Comparison of Inversion and Snowfall pH Levels"
Sponsored by the Water Environment Association of Utah

Vermont - Kevin White
South Burlington High School, South Burlington, VT
"Zebra Mussel Extermination"
Sponsored by the New England Water Environment Association

Virginia - Ryan Akrami & Matthew Karenbauer & Daniel Saboe
Centreville High School, Clifton, VA
"Fecal Matters: Exploring the Fltering Use of Feces"
Sponsored by the Virginia Water Environment Association

Washington - Morgen Anyan
Selah High School, Selah, WA
"Immobilization of Hazardous Materials Utilizing Gallionella sp, Klebsiella sp, and Desulfovibrio sp Bacteria"
Sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association

West Virginia - Holly Temple
Martinsburg High, Martinsburg, WV
"Home Sweet Home: Can pH Affect the Search for It?"
Sponsored by the West Virginia Water Environment Association

Wisconsin - Laura Jones
University School of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
"Determining the Environmental Impact of Sodium Chloride from Road De-icing in Northern Areas"
Sponsored by the Central States Water Environment Associaton

Wyoming - Megan Kuper
Greybull High School, Greybull, WY
"Water-Borne PAH Concentrations Associated With Fossil Fuel Production and Their Impact on Apoptosis-Related Proteins"
Sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association

Puerto Rico - Angélica Valdés
Southwestern Educational Society, Mayagüez, PR
"Filtering Roof Rainwater Using Zeolites"
Sponsored by the Puerto Rico Water & Environment Association