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Collection Systems 2009 Conference Proceedings TOC

Following is the table of contents for the 2009 Collection Systems Conference Proceedings CD offered for sale through WEF.  Please contact WEF Customer Service online or by phone to place an order.  Customer Service phone numbers are as follows:

Toll-free:  1-800-666-0206
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Session 1: Ohio River Valley Consent Decree Overview
Session 2: Public Participation & Notification
Session 3: Pump Station and Force Main Solutions
Session 4: Louisville's Consent Decree Challenges
Session 5: Private Property Programs - Real World Lessons
Session 6: Improving Operations and Maintenance
Session 7: EPA Region 4 Regulatory Review
Session 8: Challenges and Rehabilitation
Session 9: I/I Reduction - Show Me the Leak!
Session 10: Inspiring Modeling Options
Session 11: Planning Pays Off
Session 12: Infrastructure Risk Assessment and Management

Session 1: Ohio River Valley Consent Decree Overview

MSD Greater Cincinnati’s Wet Weather Consent Decree
Martin Umberg, Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati; Philip Gray, XCG Consultants Inc.

Watershed Planning to Improve Water Quality in Northern Kentucky and Comply with a Consent Decree
Jim Turner, James P. Gibson, Jr., Brandon Vatter, Sanitation District No. 1; Sean Fitzgerald, Hazen and Sawyer, P.C.; Geoffrey M. Grant, AECOM Water, John T. Lyons, Strand Associates; Adrienne D. Nemura, LimnoTech; Dante Zettler, Malclom Pirnie, Inc.

Lexington Consent Decree - A Unique Enforcement Action (SSO and MS4 Violations)
Charles H. Martin, Lexington Fayette Urban County Government

Update on Fort Wayne's Consent Decree
Matthew A. Wirtz, Justin Brugger, City of Fort Wayne

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Session 2: Public Participation & Notification

Effectiveness of Progressive I/I Reduction in the Woodhaven Community in the Region of Halton
Christine Hill, XCG Consultants, Ltd.; Ilija Stetic, John Duong, Regional Municipality of Halton

Indianapolis Clean Stream Team Public Participation Update
Mark C. Jacob, DLZ Indiana, LLC.

WIB Prevention Program Provides Innovative Solutions to Inadequate Sewer Capacity
Thomas Fronk, Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati; Clifford A. Shrive, Stantec Consulting

Coordinating Regional Efforts to Protect Valuable Assets: Working Cooperatively with Satellite Municipalities
Debra Jensen, Thomas Simmons, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

Managing a Consent Order Process thorugh Public Participation
Tracy Schubert, 3 Rivers Wet Weather

Effective Emergency Communications in Natural and Human-Generated disasters: Results of a Recently Released WERF Study
Thomas D. Rockaway, David M. Simpson, Joshua A. Rivard, University of Louisville

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Session 3: Pump Station and Force Main Solutions

Suffolk, VA Develops Effective Process for Measuring and Analyzing Pump Station Flows Discharging Into Manifold Pressure Mains
Craig Ziesemer, City of Suffolk; Shelly Frie, John Bergin, Dan Holloway, Peter Keefe, Eric Nice, Ed Snyder, CH2M HILL

Solutions of Air Valve Breakages Caused by Hydraulic Transients in Pinellas County's Wastewater Force Main System
Guohua Li; Christopher C. Baggett, John H. Horvath, Jones Edmunds & Associates, Inc.; Mike Englemann, William H. Gill, Pinellas County Utilities

Control of Transient Induced Contaminant Leakage and Infiltration by Implementation of Air Valves
Naftali Zloczower, A.R.I. Flow Control Accessories

How to Troubleshoot an Underperforming Pump Station
Derek L. Morin, Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc.

Asset Management and Nondestructive Evaluation of Force Mains in New York City
Anil Agrawal, Krish Ramalingam, A. Kawaguchi, The City College of the City University of New York; Stella Rozelman, Frank Kulscar, Najib Farooqi, New York City Department of Environmental Protection

A "Swiss Army Knife" Approach: Condition Based Assessment of a South Florida Sewage Force Main
Neal D. Stubblefield, Jordan, Jones & Goulding; Henry Glaus, Mock-Roos & Associates; Cameron White, Pressure Pipe Inspection Company; Robert Morrison, Jason Consultants Group LLC; Brian Shields, Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department

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Session 4: Louisville's Consent Decree Challenges

Sewer Modeling Program Development in Support of a Consent Decree
Justin Gray, Louisville/Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District; Susan Bahng, O’Brien & Gere; Anthony Marconi, URS

Effective Integration of Geen Infrastructure into CSO Control Planning
Brian Bingham, Louisville & Jefferson County MSD; Stephanie Marchi, Strand Associates, Inc.; Gary Swanson, CH2M HILL

Building Community Support through Effective Stakeholder Engagement
Angela Akridge, Louisville & Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District; Rob Greenwood, Ross & Associates Environmental Consulting, Ltd.

Final CSO LTCP Project Selection Process
Gary J.Swanson, CH2M Hill; Timothy W. Kraus, Phillip R. Scott, O'Brien & Gere

Louisville Consent Decree 2009:  Pulling it All Together
Brian Bingham, Angela Akridge, Louisville & Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District

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Session 5: Private Property Programs - Real World Lessons

Grabbing the Low-Hanging Fruit: Completing a Private Property Infiltration and Inflow Reduction Program For Half Price
Paul B. David, City of Prichard; Paul G. Maron, Strand Associates, Inc.

What Site Characteristics Explain Variability Of Peak Footing Drain Flows?
Oskar Nordstrom, Jay Zawacki, CDM Michigan, Inc.; Anne Warrow, City of Ann Arbor; Ben Sherman, CDM Michigan, Inc.

Expanding the Use of a Hydraulic Software Package: The Development of an Interceptor Odor Predictive Model
Lisa Tamura, Mark Smith, HDR Engineering

Private Sewer Lateral Inspection and Maintenance Practices in California
Heidi G. Oriol, David R. Williams, East Bay Municipal Utility District

More Testing in the Private Property I/I Investigation Saves Money in the Rehab Process-City of Westlake, Ohio
Scott E. Belz, Constantine Kontos, URS Corporation; James J. Smolik, Robert P. Kelly, City of Westlake, Ohio

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Session 6: Improving Operations and Maintenance

Reducing Collection System Blockages through Maintenance and Management
Gene Michael, City of Pueblo

Implementing New Design Standards and Field Measurements for Air Jumper Design
Alberto Acevedo, Mandy Taylor, Orange County Sanitation District; Steve Deering, Ryan Fane, Dudek

Construction and Start-Up of a High-Rate Wet Weather Treatment Facility in Nashua, New Hampshire
Gregory R Heath, Metcalf & Eddy, Inc.; Jeanne G. Walker, City of Nashua; Robert B. Adams, Michael Hedetniemi, Metcalf & Eddy, Inc.

Evaluation of Acoustic Technologies for the Inspection of Wastewater Force Mains
Henry R. Derr, Brown and Caldwell; Phillip Hubbard, Hampton Roads Sanitation District

The Continuous Improvement Team: Applying Best Management Practices through Employee Ownership
David Molnar, Darryl Gibson, City of Colombus; Catherine Eichel, Brown and Caldwell

New Construction Verification by Measurement of Ovality and Deflection with 3-D LADAR
Scott M. Thayer, Redzone Robotics, Inc.; Wayne Brown, Compliance EnviroSystems, LLC; Michael Hallmark, City of Georgetown, TX

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Session 7: EPA Region 4 Regulatory Review

Capital Cost Savings Using Passive Controls in Atlanta's Utoy Creek Basin
Bill Pisano, MWH Americas, Inc.; Sharon Matthews, City of Atlanta; Sandy Gray, Elise Stoney, MWH Americas, Inc.

Hillsboro County, Florida MOM Self-Assessment Results in EPA Region 4 Administratvie Order on Consent
Pamela Marlowe-Greene, Hillsborough County; Jane McLamarrah, Bill Sukenik, MWH Americas, Inc.

The Impact of Region 4 Collection Systems Rules and Regulations on a Mid-Size Utility
George Martin, Greenwood Metro District

Small City Consent Judgments
William R. Scalf, Jr, City of Frankfort

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Session 8: Challenges and Rehabilitation

Accepting The Challenges Of A “Difficult And Risky” Trunk Sewer Rehabiltiation Project
Eric Granholm, CDM; James J. Paluch, JMEUC; Robert A. Pennington, CDM

Challenges of Rehabilitating Pressure Sewers
Michael Krosnosky, Kelly Odell, Patrick Anderson, Michels Corporation

Targeting Low Cost and Value-Added Rehabilitation of Large Diameter Sewers
John Morgan, City of Indianapolis; John Trypus, Spencer Fairfax, Black & Veatch Corporation; Eric Haenlein, M.D. Wessler & Associates, Inc.

Design-Build Project Delivery for Sewer System Rehabilitation
Barbara Melcher, CDM

Sanitary Sewer Overflows: Big Prevention in a Small Footprint
Christopher J. Tippery, Craig Schuenemann, Pei-Chih Chiang, Thomas J. Nejedlo, AECOM

Rehabilitation of a 1960s-Era Sanitary Lift Station
David E. Mizell, Jon A. Kremer, Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co. Inc.; David Moss, Paragould Light Water & Cable

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Session 9: I/I Reduction - Show Me the Leak!

Simple Method for Estimating I/I Using Treatment Plant Flow Monitoring Reports - A Self Help Tool for Operators
George E. Kurz, Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon, Inc.; Brett Ward, Municipal Technical Advisory Services; Greg A. Ballard, Nashville, Metro Water Services

Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA) Determine Excessive I/I Performance Metrics for Consent Decree Compliance Using Creative Benchmarking Application
Adamaris Quiñones, Juan C. Pérez, Javier Colignon, PRASA; Alejandro Doble, Reggie Rowe, Peter Keefe, CH2M HILL

Lexington, KY - Continuous Flow and Groundwater Metering with Remote Sensing to Monitor Sanitary Sewer Surcharging
Tony Bischoff, Hydromax USA; Charlie Martin, Rod Chervus, Lexington Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG); George Woolwine, HDR Engineering, Inc.

70% Infiltration in a Sanitary Sewer! Impossible!
John Barton, Limei Yang, Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.; Hunter Kelly, City of Columbus, Ohio

Method to Verify I/I Reduction to Obtain Moratorium Relief
George E. Kurz, Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon, Inc.; Kevin Colvett, City of Brentwood, Tennessee

I/I Investigation and Recommeded Repairs to Collection System Reduces WWTP Expansion Capacity Requirements
Angela Martin, Kevin White, RJN Group, Inc.

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Session 10: Inspiring Modeling Options

Planning Ahead to Predict Groundwater Impacts on a Massive CSO Control Project
John Trypus, Black & Veatch Corporation; B. Masbaum, John Oakley, City of Indianapolis; Kris Hahn, Black & Veatch Corporation

Model Coaching to Create a Collection System Model
Andrew Fugal, Brown and Caldwell; Ben Fyock, Robert Shay, Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department

CSOnet: An Innovative Solution for the Real Time Monitoring and Control of Combined Sewer Systems
Timothy P. Ruggaber, EmNet

A mix of solutions for the Middle Blue River Combined Sanitary Sewer System, Kansas City, MO Water Services Department
Michael F. Lorenzo, Mark Seip, HDR Engineering, Inc.

Gated Cross Correlation Velocity - A Breakthrough Technology for Wastewater Flow Management
Paul S. Mitchell, Patrick L. Stevens, ADS Environmental Services

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Session 11: Planning Pays Off

Combined Sewer Overflow Conveyance and Storage with Electrical Power Transmission
Vicki Sironen, Brian Hemphill, Grover Jones, HDR Engineering, Inc.

Sanitation District No. 1 Implements Innovative and Aggressive Continuous Sewer System Assessment Program
Brandon Vatter, Sanitation District No. 1 of Northern Kentucky; Sean FitzGerald, Hazen & Sawyer, P.C.

Investigation and Design for Harbor Area Treatment Scheme Stage 2A - Sewage Conveyance System, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Keith Tsang, Alex Kwan, Metcalf & Eddy Ltd of Maunsell AECOM

Development of a Combined Sewer Overflow Long-Term Control Plan for the City of Omaha, Nebraska
Thomas Heinemann, Patricia Nelson, CH2M HILL; Scott Aurit, HDR Engineering, Inc.; Marty Grate, Jim Theiler, City of Omaha

Sustainable Benefits for the Blue River South Sanitary Sewer System
Michael F. Lorenzo, Mark Seip, HDR Engineering, Inc.

Ten Basins, Eight Cities, Twenty-Eight Consultants, One Client: How the City of Omaha Developed and Analyzed Control Alternatives to Develop a Long Term Control Plan
Scott Aurit, HDR Engineering, Inc.; Tom Heinemann, CH2M HILL; Roger Coffey, HDR Engineering, Inc.; Jim Theiler, City of Omaha

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Session 12: Infrastructure Risk Assessment and Management

Louisville MSD Integrates Sewer Pipe Probability of Failure and Consequences of Failure to Guide their Continuing Sewer System Assessment Program
John Loechle, Julia Muller, Justin Gray, Louisville MSD; Reggie Rowe, Vani Kathula, CH2M HILL

Developing Risk-Based Spending Programs for Pump Stations
Corinne De Leon, Seattle Public Utilities; Scott Anschell, BIS Consulting, LLC

Large-Diameter Sewer Condition Assessment: Columbus’ Program Development and Early Cost-Saving Results
Nicholas Domenick, City of Columbus; Jennifer Myers, Eric Dunn, Darrin Holtrey, Brown and Caldwell

Developing a Comprehensive Risk Management Strategy for a Community-Focused Combined Sewer Overflow Long Term Control Plan
Scott Aurit, Lee Baker, HDR Engineering, Inc.; Tom Heinemann, Steve Hunt, CH2M HILL; Jim Theiler, City of Omaha

City of Baltimore Outfall and Outfall Relief Sewer Condition Assessment
Wazir Qadri, City of Baltimore; Adam Slifko, RedZone Robotics, Inc.; Travis Wagner, Brown and Caldwell

Monitoring CSO Frequency While Saving Money and Reducing Regulatory Risk
John J. LaGorga, Joseph H. Dodd, Stearns & Wheler

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