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Disinfection 2009 Conference Proceedings TOC

Following is the table of contents for the 2009 Disinfection Conference Proceedings CD offered for sale through WEF.  Please contact WEF Customer Service online or by phone to place an order.  Customer Service phone numbers are as follows:

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Session 1: Critical Program Evaluation

How Should We Measure Diarrhea Incidence?
Michael Kremer, Harvard University; Edward Miguel, Eric van Dusen, University of California, Berkeley; Alix Peterson Swane,
*Paper not Available

Scaling Up Household Water Treatment
C. Dow Baker, D. L. Baker, CAWST

Water Treatment as a Business Opportunity for HIV Self Help Groups in Western Kenya: Impact on the Groups and Their Clients
Alie Eleveld, Safe Water and AIDS Project

Safe Water Systems in Afghanistan: Building Local Manufacturing Capacity and Quality Assurance
W. Shaun O'Neil, Russell N. Fortier, Mary P. McCabe, Futures Group International

Field Evaluation of Locally Produced Silver-Impregnated Ceramic Filters for Point-of-Use Water Purification in San Mateo Ixtatan, Guatemala
Erin Kallman, James A. Smith, University of Virginia; Vinka Oyanedel-Craver, University of Rhode Island

Session 2: Residuals and Biosolids

The History and Future Directions of Biosolids Disinfection
James E. Smith Jr., U.S Environmental Protection Agency

Development of Microbial Assays for Municipal Sludge
Mark C. Meckes, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Effects of Freezing on the Viability of the Eggs of Ascaris suum
Dwight D. Bowman, Kaeshik Chun, Janice L. Liotta, Cornell University

Pertinent Factors Involving Disinfection and Stabialization of Municipal Biosolids
Robert S. Reimers, Tulane's School of Public Health and Topical Medicine; Bethany A. Acquisto, Daigler Engineering, P.C.; Kari B. Fitzmorris, Georgia Southern University; Suresh D. Pillai, Texas A&M University

Assessment of Indicator Organisms and Long-Term Stability in Advanced Alkaline Systems
Kari B. Fitzmorris, Georgia Southern University; Robert S. Reimers, Tulane University

Session 3: UV Design

Okaloosa County's Transition to UV Disinfection
Michael Scullion, David Kozan, Camp Dresser McKee, Inc.; Robert Mauzy, Okaloosa County Water and Sewer

Same Goal, Different Approach; A comparison between the DVGW and USEPA UV Drinking Water Regulations
Oliver Lawal, Aquionics

UV Process Flow Visualization and Quantification using 3-Dimensional Laser Induced Fluorescence
Varun Gandhi, Min Cho, Dongjin Kim, Dooil Kim, Georgia Institute of Technology; Sunghong Kim, Chosun University; Harold Wright, Carollo Engineers; Kyung-Hyuk Lee, Korea Water Resources Corporation (Kwater); Philip Roberts, Thorsten Stoesser, Jae-Hong Kim, Georgia Institute of Technology

Parris, France - City of "UV" Light CFD Modeling as a Design Evaluation Tool for UV System Retrofit
Bruno Ferran, Robert Kelly, Wei Yang, Degremont North American Research & Development Center

Performance Validation of a UV Reactor for High and Low Dose Applications
Chengyue Shen, Karl Scheible, HydroQual, Inc; Bertrand Dussert, James Donnellan, Siemens Water Technologies Corporation

Selecting a UV Disinfection Technology for Metro Vancouver's Coquitlam UV Disinfection Project
Ayman Shawwa, Chris Schulz, CDM; Inder Singh, Metro Vancouver; James Kim, CDM

Session 4: Emerging and New Options

Toward Understanding Opuntia as a Natural Coagulant
Sarah Miller, Julie Zimmerman, Yale University

Sustainable Technologies and an Implementation Strategy for Arsenic and Fluoride Removal in Developing Areas
Laura R. Brunson, David A. Sabatini, University of Oklahoma

Point-Of-Use Disinfection of Drinking Water using Cationic Antimicrobial Surface Coatings
Allegra K. da Silva, University of California Berkeley; Peter Koodoy, The Aquaya Institute; Jeffrey A. Dahm, Kara L. Nelson, University of California Berkeley

Efficacy of “One Drop" Metal Ion Disinfectant for Inactivation of Indicator and Pathogenic Microorganisms
A.F. Hiser, J.L. Murphy, L.M. Casanova, M.D. Sobsey, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Improving the Control of Viral Pathogens by POU Technologies Used in Developing Regions
Martin A. Page, Amanda L. Poole, Benjamin J. Finnegan, Joel Minier-Matar, Susana Kimura, Theresa Vonder Haar, Joanna L. Shisler, Benito J. Marinas, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Sunlight Inactivation Rates of Wild-type, Mutant, and Wastewater-derived E. coli in the Presence and Absence of Iron Chelators and ROS Scavengers: Applied and Mechanistic Implications for SODIS
M.B. Fisher, K.L. Nelson, M. Iriarte, University of California Berkeley

UV-LED Irradiation Technology for Point-of-Use Water Disinfection
Christie Chatterley, Karl G. Linden, University of Colorado

Gravity-Feed Household Water Purification Devices Based on Novel, Halogen-Charged Polystyrene Polymer Disinfecting Media
Jeffrey Williams, Mickey Bridges, D. Duane Dunk, HaloSource, Inc.; P.A. Shankar, Filtrex Technologies, Pty, Ltd, Bangalore, India
*Paper not Available

Session 5: Modeling Disinfection

New Validation Methods Account for RED Bias with Wastewater UV Reactors
Harold Wright, Tavy Wade, Andrew Salveson, Sean Poust, Carollo Engineers; Allan Slater, Duncan Collins, Jeremy Meier, Ian Dearnley, Severn Trent Services

This is Where the Magic Happens - The Use of CFD in Predicting Low Pressure Closed Vessel UV System Performance for Reuse Applications
Matthias Boeker, ITT Water & Wastewater U.S.A.; Andrew Salveson, Carollo Engineers; Madhukar Rapaka, ITT Water & Wastewater Germany; Ronnie Bemus, ITT Water & Wastewater U.S.A.

Chemical Equilibrium Modeling of Fouling Matrix in UV Disinfection
Beibei Z. Sun, Cliff Johnston, Paul Schwab, Ernest Blatchley III, Purdue University

Modeling UV Disinfection Using Integrated Computational Fluid Dynamics and Discrete Ordinates Radiation Models
Clifford K. Ho, Siri S. Khalsa, Sandia National Laboratories; Harold B. Wright, Ed Wicklein, Carollo Engineers

CFD Analysis of Hydrogen Gas Venting in On-Site Sodium Hypochlorite Generation Systems
Alberto Garibi, Steven Naylor, Siemens Water Technologies; Bakhtier Farouk, Drexel University

Session 6: UV Disinfection

Demonstrating 4-log Adenovirus Inactivation in a Medium Pressure UV Reactor
Karl G. Linden, Duke University; Karl Scheible, Chengyue Shen, HydroQual Inc.; Gwy-Am Shin, Jung-Keun Lee, University of Washington, Seattle; Phyllis Posy, Atlantium Technologies Ltd.

Power Savings with Increased Disinfection Confidence: Design and Operation of UV Systems Based on a Modified Wastewater Validation Protocol
Bryan Townsend, Gary Hunter, Black & Veatch; Ronnie Bemus, Mike Newberry, ITT WEDECO

UV Reactor Challenges with a High Resistance Surrogate for Adenovirus Credit
Brian Petri, Trojan Technologies; Conrad Odegaard, GAP Enviromicrobial Services Ltd.

Resolving UV Hydraulic Issues During Facility Start-Up
Paul Friedlander, Carollo Engineers

Numerical Methods in Lagrangian Actinometry: Solving for a UV Reactor's Dose Distribution
Eric Cox, Jin Xia, Bruce Craig, Purdue University; Chengyue Shen, HydroQual, Inc.; O. Karl Scheible, Dominic M. Di Toro, University of Delaware; Ernest R. Blatchley III, Purdue University

Protocol to Validate UV Reactors by Lagrangian Actinometry Using Dyed Microspheres
Chengyue Shen, HydroQual Inc.; Ernest R. Blatchley, III, Eric Cox, Po-Shun Chan, Purdue University; O. Karl Scheible, HydroQual Inc.

UV Reactor Challenges with Adenovirus:  A Comparison of Adenovirus and MS2 Inactivation  in Low Pressure and Medium Pressure UV Reactors
Brian Petri, Trojan Technologies; Karl Linden, University of Colorado, Boulder; Jeanette Thurston, United States Department of Agriculture

Session 7: Determinants of Adoption

Going to Scale with Household Drinking Water Disinfection:  Opportunities and Challenges in Social Marketing in Madagascar
Cecilia Kwak, Brian McKenna, Nicole Andriamamapianina, Megan Wilson, Population Services International

Trickle Down: Diffusion of Chlorine for Drinking Water Treatment in Kenya
Michael Kremer, Harvard University; Clair Null, Edward Miguel, University of California Berkeley; Alix Peterson Zwane,
*Paper not Available

Determinants of Adoption of Household Water Treatment Products in Rural Haiti
Michael Ritter, Daniele Lantagne, William Gallo
*Paper not Available

Perceived Water Quality, Microbial Contamination, and Point of Use Treatment of Drinking Water
Christine Poulos, RTI International; Sumeet R. Patil, NEERMAN; Subhrendu K. Pattanayak, Jui-Chen Yang, RTI International; Siri Wood, Stephen Himley, Lorelei Goodyear, PATH

SODIS Promotion - Investigating the Behavior Change Process
Andrea Tamas, Hans-Joachim Mosler, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag)

Session 8: Disinfection By-Products

Localized Treatment for Disinfection By-Products
Bruce A. Johnson, Joseph C. Lin, CH2M HILL; John Chan, Mao Fang, Laura Jacobsen, David Rexing, Patricia Sampson, Las Vegas Valley Water District

Treating Verdigris River Water - Disinfection Strategy for Minimal Disinfection By-Products Formation
Adriano Vieira, HDR Engineering; Roger Hughes, Jimmy Helms, City of Broken Bow, OK; Aaron Archer, Mark Graves, Joel Cantwell, HDR Engineering

Optimizing Drinking Water Distribution Systems for Disinfection and Disinfection Byproducts
Jan Routt, Jan Routt & Associates LLC; Megan Sekhar, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Melinda Friedman, Confluence Engineering Group, LLC

Analysis and Comparison of Disinfection By-Products from Brominated Hydantoinylated Cross-Linked Polystyrene to Traditional Chlorination
David Reckhow, University of Massachusetts at Amherst; Boning Liu, University of Massachusetts at Amherst; Mickey Bridges, HaloSource, Inc.; Jeffery Williams, HaloSource, Inc.; Joseph Cotruvo, Joseph Cotruvo & Associates LLC

Formation of Chlorination By-Products in Domestic Hot Water Networks Treated by Continuous Chlorination
N. Berthelot, V. Personnaz, D. Benanou, S. Oberti, C. Bouteleux, Anjou Recherche, Veolia Environment

Session 9: Oxidation and Other Disinfection Alternatives

NDMA and other Nitrosamines in Drinking Water in England and Scotland
Michael R. Templeton, Zhuo Chen, Imperial College London

Disinfection Optimization by a Better Control of Ozonation Process
D. Lenes, Veolia Environment Water Research Center; Y. Jaeger, M. Le Bihan, Veolia Water Technical Department; A. Ponthieux, Veolia Environment Energy and Waste Research Center; A. Genin, Veolia Environment Water Research Center

Which Advanced Oxidation Process is Best?  An Effective Method for Micropollutant Removal in Contaminated Groundwater
Achim Ried, Jens Krüger, ITT-WEDECO

Leaching of Heavy Metals Due to Changing Disinfectants in Drinking Water Distribution Systems
Matthew S. McFadden, Glen Boyd, Steve Reiber, HDR Engineering Inc.; Gregory Korshin, University of Washington

Impacts of Disinfection on Pharmaceutical Compounds
Katherine Y. Bell, Khalil Atasi, CDM

Dechlorination Chemical Options and Considerations
Robert Ryder, Andrew de Boer, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants

Session 10: Design for Implementation

A Volunteer-Led Effort Linking Research to Development Practice to Promote Safe Water and Hygiene in Slums in India
Ayse Ercumen, Emily Kupel, Andrea Silverman, Zachary Burt, University of California, Berkeley

Rural Water Quality Improvement in Amazonian Peru – Developing Effective Household Point-Of-Use Drinking Water Treatment Protocols
William Oswald, USAID/HIP (Center for Global Safe Water, Emory University); Scott Tobias, USAID/HIP (ARD); Kenneth Peralta, MSH/Peru; Julia Rosenbaum, USAID/HIP (AED); Elizabeth Younger, USAID/HIP (Manoff Group); Edgar Medina, MSH/Peru; Sandra Callier, USAID/HIP (AED)

Improving Access to Safe Water through Technology and Informed Design
Susan B. Rivera, Rachel Zuback, MIOX Corporation; Whitney Persch Goodwin, Cascade Designs, Inc.

Turbidity and Chlorine Demand Reduction Using Physical and Chemical Water Clarification Methods Prior to Household Chlorination in Developing Countries
Kelsey Preston, Lehigh University; Daniele Lantagne, U.S. Centers for Disease Control; Nadine Kotlarz, Kristen Jellison, Lehigh University

Performance Comparison of the Biosand Filter in Laboratory Studies and a Longitudinal Field Study in Bonao, Dominican Republic
C.E. Stauber, Georgia State University; M.A. Elliott, F.A. DiGiano, M.D. Sobsey, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

The Influence of Differing Sand Media on the Performance of the Biosand Intermittent Slow Sand Filter
William F. Duke, Asit Mazumder, University of Victoria

The Effect of Idle Time on Reduction of Viruses in an Intermittently Operated, Household-Scale Slow Sand Filter
M.A. Elliott, F.A. DiGiano, A.M. Fabiszewski, P. Chuang, L.P. Clark, A. Wang, M.D. Sobsey, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Session 11: Innovative Disinfection Techniques

Comparing Free Chlorine and Chloramines in Combination with UV for the Disinfection of Wastewater Effluents and Reclaimed Water
Naoko Munakata, Chi-Chung Tang, Shiaw-Jy Huitric, Philip Ackman, County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County; Jeff Kuo, California State University, Fullerton;
April Garcia, Shawn Thompson, Philip L. Friess, Stephen R. Maguin, County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County

Sustainable Drinking Water and Wastewater Disinfection: What Does it Mean? Is it Possible? How Do We Get There?
Leonard W. Casson, University of Pittsburgh; Gary L. Hunter, Black and Veatch
*Paper not Available

Peroxyacetic Acid Restores Design Capacity for Fecal Coliform Compliance in an Underperforming UV Disinfection Wastewater System with No Capital Upgrade
John T. Meakim, Engineers Plus; Floyd Burt, City of Millville, NJ; Alan Yeoman, Jonathon N. Howarth, EnviroTech Chemical Services

Development of an Effective Photocatalysts (Cu Impregnated TiON/Al2O3) for the Disinfection of Water
Ryan Jinks, Sharifeh Mehrabi, Cachetne Barrett, Cassandra Thomas, Eric Mintz, Clark Atlanta University

Disinfection Performance of Iron (VI) for Wastewater Disinfection, Reuse, and Wetland Restoration
Brady K. Skaggs, Robert S. Reimers, Andrew J. Englande, Jr., Tulane University; Gary Hunter, Black & Veatch Corporation; Gordon C. Austin, Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans

Session 12: Water Reuse

Comparison of Disinfection Technologies for High Quality Reclaimed Water
Nicola Fontaine, Chris Cleveland, Ricky Gutierrez, Mike Britten, Carollo Engineers; Cynthia Royer, City of Dale City, CA

Implementing an Effective UV Advanced Oxidation Process
Paul D. Swaim, Rory Morgan, Paul Mueller, Mary Vorissis, Ufuk Erdal, William Carter, CH2M HILL

Ultraviolet Disinfection for Small Treatment Plants
June Leng, Craig Olson, HDR

Free Chlorine Disinfection of Membrane Bioreactor Permeate: Disinfection Efficacies, Disinfection Byproducts, and Selected Microcontaminants
Bruce Mansell, Shiaw-Jy Huitric, Naoko Munakata, Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County; Jeff Kuo, California State University, Fullerton; Chi-Chung Tang, Philip Ackman, Philip L. Friess, Stephen Maguin, Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County

Disinfection Byproducts Information in Mammoth Title 22 Recycled Water and Their Fate in Landscape Irrigation
Kishora K. Panda, Juan Josse, David Roohk, HDR; Gary Sisson, MCWD

Session 13: Program Examples

Water, Water Everywhere, But Not a (Safe) Drop to Drink! Achieving Household Point-of-Use Water Treatment in Amazonian Peru
Kenneth Peralta, MSH/Peru; Elizabeth Younger, USAID/HIP (Manoff Group); Scott Tobias, USAID/HIP (ARD); Julia Rosenbaum, USAID/HIP (AED); Edgar Medina, MSH/Peru; Sandra Callier, USAID/HIP (AED)

Promotion of Point of Use Household Water Treatment in Nepal - Challenges and Opportunities of Giving Choice
Arinita Maskey Shrestha, Julia Rosenbaum, USAID Hygiene Improvement Project (AED); Larry Robertson, WASH Unit, UNICEF/Nepal

A Menu of Point-of-Use Water Disinfection Alternatives for Households in Indonesia
Mindy Weimer, Arum Wulandari; YE Water Program
*Paper not Available

Point of Use Water Purification in Rural Haiti Using Granulated Chlorinated Isocyanurate
Jon M. Steele, Madewell Products Corporation

Ceramic Water Filters, Locally Produced in Kenya Can Help Reduce the Number of People Without Access to Safe Quality Drinking Water
Wanja Mburu, Wanjugu Wambugu, Wangari Kamwana, Chujio Ceramics

Samaritan's Purse Strategic Implementation of the BioSand Filter
Karen Dyck, Raymond E. Cantwell, Ary Vreeken, Samaritan's Purse Canada

Use of Chlorinated Iscoyanurates for Drinking Water Chlorination
Thomas C. Kuechler, Occidental Chemical Corporation

Session 14: Sustainability

Impacts of Advanced Treatment on Climate Change
Sandeep Sathyamoorthy, Dennis Greene, AECOM Water; Charles Haas, Drexel University

Why Wait Until Tomorrow to Know Today's Water Quality?
D.R. Tracey, P.A. Whalen, J.E. Cairns, LuminUltra Tchnologies, Ltd.

Ecotoxicity of Peracetic Acid to Freshwater Fish, Macroinvertebrate, and Plant Species
David S. Block, Patrick Fisher, Katherene Evans, Nanette Bradbury, Block Environmental Services Inc.; Jonathon N. Howarth, EnviroTech Chemical Services

Effect of Bioflocculation on Ultraviolet Disinfection
Kerim Kollu, Banu Ormeci, Carleton University

Change in Infectivity of Giardia Lamblia Cysts During Wastewater Treatment
Dong Li, AECOM; Stephen A. Craik, EPCOR Water Services; Daniel W. Smith, Mike Belosevic, University of Alberta

Session 15: Wet Weather

Impact of Wet-Weather Peak Flow Blending on Disinfection and Treatment: A Case Study at Three Wastewater Treatment Plants
Mary K. Stinson, Richard Field, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; R. Boris Rukovets, Interstate Environmental Commission

Point Source Disinfection of New Jersey Wet Weather Events: Stormwater and Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs)
John T. Meakim, Engineers Plus; John S. Rolak, Hatch-Mott MacDonald; Jonathon N. Howarth, EnviroTech Chemical Services, Inc.

Optimization of Ultrasonic Disinfection of Combined Sewage Overflow Water
Xiaofei Cui, Jeffrey W. Talley, Steven L. Larson, University of Notre Dame

Novel Application of UV Disinfection Targeting Urban Area TMDLs
Clifford J. Arnett, Columbus Water Works; Mark C. Boner, WWETCO, LLC


Assessing Impact of Waterguard Solution in Diarrhea Prevention:  A Case Study of Nigeria
Ekundayo D. Arogundade, Samson B. Adebayo, Uzo Gilpin, Wale Adedeji, Society for Family Health

POE Purifier for the Home with High Efficiency UV and Metal Removal
J.M. Harris, L.J. Forney

Silver Nanoparticles for Water Disinfection: Water Chemistry Effect
Ross Singer, Vinka Craver

Use of Chlorinated Iscoyanurates for Drinking Water Chlorination
Thomas C. Kuechler, Occidental Chemical Corporation

Gravity-Feed Household Water Purification Devices Based on Novel, Halogen-Charged Polystyrene Polymer Disinfecting Media
Jeffrey Williams, Mickey Bridges, D. Duane Dunk, HaloSource, Inc.; P.A. Shankar, Filtrex Technologies, Pty, Ltd, Bangalore, India
*Paper not Available

Field Evaluation of the UV Tube in Baja California Sur, Mexico
Fermin Reygadas, Isha Ray, Kara L Nelson, University of California at Berkeley