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If you need the most current and authoritative information available for the global water reuse and desalination industry and activities, then you need World Water: Water Reuse & Desalination (WWWR&D).

Each quarter, WWWR&D provides key decision makers in the international water industry with up-to-the-minute technical information, industry news and authoritative comment on water reuse and desalination issues. WWWR&D is the first choice for those marketers targeting this fast growing global business.

WWWR&D’s editorial pages cover the whole spectrum of water reuse and desalination information from the latest engineering and technical developments to industry news. Presented in an easily assimilated style, WWWR&D offers today’s busy water executive an overview of what is happening in the world of water reuse, desalination, and water treatment.

As the Official International Publication for the WateReuse Association, WWWR&D is also your most reliable connection to the world’s most important water reuse organization.

Information is power, when it comes to the rapidly changing world of water reuse and desalination. The information WWWR&D provides will be your golden advantage in an ever-changing global water industry.

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