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July / August 2009, Vol. 46, No. 6

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Waterwise Gardening During the Summer

Water utilities promote Xeriscape gardening in arid regions


Denver Water's Xeriscape demonstration garden is open for public viewing. Photo courtesy of Tim LaPan, landscape architect, Denver Water. Click for larger image.

In 1981, when a group of Denver Water employees gathered to determine how to landscape their headquarters so the plants wouldn’t wither in the dry climate, they did not expect their solution to sweep the nation. The employees created the term Xeriscape™, formed by a combination of the Greek word xeros, which means dry, and landscape, and defined it as a method of landscaping that promotes water conservation. The utility decided to make its solution of Xeriscape into a public outreach program.

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Water Ambassador Program Starts With a Splash

A handful of San Diego area residents can add the title of ambassador to their resume — water ambassador, that is. The Santa Fe Irrigation District (SFID; Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.) has recruited a dozen volunteer residents to pilot its Water Ambassador Program. Through the program, volunteers spread the word about water conservation to neighbors, friends, and family.

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EPI Certification Helps Young Professionals Stand Out

As students and young professionals compete for limited employment opportunities, employers are looking for candidates who have made additional efforts to learn the fundamentals of the water industry while preparing for future challenges. One way a young professional can demonstrate both competence and motivation is to become certified as an Environmental Professional Intern (EPI).

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Web Site Resources – PNEAC Industrial Stormwater Permit Guide

This section provides online resources that Water Environment Federation (Alexandria, Va.) staff and readers have found useful or interesting.

See this month’s resource, the Printer’s National Environmental Assistance Center’s Industrial Stormwater Permit Guide.

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