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May 2009, Vol. 46, No. 4

Top Story

Engaging the Public

WWTP education center aims to provide fun, foster greater understanding of wastewater treatment


Walk into the restroom at the Budd Inlet Treatment Plant in downtown Olympia, Wash., and select the toilet that appeals to you most. That’s right — each stall in the wastewater utility’s new education center will feature a different high-efficiency residential toilet. Then take the opportunity to read about its design and water-saving abilities.

Adding to the fun is the interactive computer game “Follow Your Flush,” which enables visitors to identify the travel path and time it takes for waste to reach the treatment plant from various locations, such as their home, school, or workplace.   

This image shows what the new education center being built at the Budd Inlet Treatment Plant is expected to look like once construction is complete. Photo courtesy of Lisa Dennis-Perez, LOTT Alliance. Click for larger image.


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Hippo Finds Home in African Wastewater Treatment Works

A hippo named Zorro has found a temporary home at the Cape Flats Wastewater Treatment Works (WTW) in Cape Town, South Africa. In early February, the 800-kg (1764-lb) male hippo escaped when fencing was stolen from the southern section of the Rondevlei Nature Reserve. The hole in the fence was closed within 12 hours, but the 4-year-old hippo took the opportunity to move away from the herd after being attacked by his father. 

“Hippos are extremely territorial, and adult males often attack or kill juvenile males that challenge their dominance,” a City of Cape Town press release says. “Zorro will be relocated to a new site,” said Penny Glanville, manager of the reserve. “He can not be returned to Rondevlei Nature Reserve, as his father, Brutus, will continue to attack him, which would result in Zorro attempting to escape again.”
Zorro's father, Brutus, is one of the five hippos residing on the Rondevlei Nature Reserve. Photo courtesy of Penny Glanville, manager, Rondevlei Nature Reserve. Click for larger image.

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Access Water Environment Research Through JSTOR

Users at participating institutions now can access back issues of Water Environment Research through JSTOR, a nonprofit online digital archive. Browse, search, view, and print full-text PDF versions of all the articles from the Water Environment Federation (Alexandria, Va.) publication, even those that appeared under the publication’s previous titles.

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