Table of Contents 
Volume 3 – 2008
ISSN 1932-8591 

Modeling the Toxic Effects of Silver Nanoparticles Under Varying Environmental Conditions
   Joyce Chai
   Palos Verdes Peninsula High School  
   Ranchos Palos Verdes, California   
   Nominated by the California Water Environment Federation

Kinetics of Bioremediation and Electricity Production in a Novel Microbial Fuel Cell
   Timothy Chang
   Stuyvesant High School
   New York, New York
   Nominated by the New York Water Environment Association

Development of a Low-Cost Sustainable Water Filter: A Study of the Removal of Water Pollutants Using Magnetite Nanoparticles
   Helen D'Couto
   Clear Lake High School
   Houston, Texas
   Nominated by the Water Environment Association of Texas

Determination of Arsenic in Natural Waters Using Surface Plasmon Resonance: A Low-Cost Analytical Tool for Arsenic Screening
   Carin King
   Waterville Senior High School
   Waterville, Maine
   Nominated by the New England Water Environment Association

An Economic Pathway for Restoration of the Chesapeake Bay Using Medicago sativa
   Anup Myneni
   York High School
   Yorktown, Virginia
   Nominated by the Virginia Water Environment Association

Low-Cost, Single-Chambered Microbial Fuel Cell For Harvesting Energy and Cleansing Wastewater
   Ashutosh Patra
   Sunset High School
   Portland, Oregon
   Nominated by the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association

Effect of Temperature, Salinity, and Pesticides on Oyster Hemocyte Activity   Gene Rodrick
   Oak Hall School
   Gainesville, Florida
   Nominated by the Florida Water Environment Association

The Use of Ion Exchange Resins in the Forward Osmosis Desalination System for the Softening of Feedwater

   Jason Zukus
   High Technology High School
   Lincroft, New Jersey
   Nominated by the New Jersey Water Environment Association


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