Table of Contents 
Volume 1 – 2006
ISSN 1932-8591  

1  A Tale of Two Oysters: The Chesapeake Bay Native (Crassostrea virginica) and the Non-Native(Crassostrea ariakensis) Oysters and the Effects of an Increasing Water Quality Problem, Algal Blooms-A vital Management Issue for the Chesapeake Bay 
     Color Plates     
    Emily Brownlee
    Calvert High School
    Prince Frederick, MD
    Nominated by the Chesapeake Water Environment Association

19  Maximum Escape Speeds of Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) 
    Heather Smith
    St. Andrew Episcopal School
    Richland, Mississippi
    Nominated by the Mississippi Water Environment Association

41  Removal of Arsenic from Drinking Water by Water Hyacinths (Eichhoria crassipes) 
    Kathryn VanderWeele Snyder
    Oregon Episcopal School
    Portland, Oregon
    Nominated by the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association

59  Zebra Mussels vs. Quagga Mussels: Survival in Oxygen-Deficient Conditions 
    Megan O'Brien
    Divine Savior School
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Nominated by Central States Water Environment Association

78  Radionuclides in the Miocene Aquifers of Coastal Georgia 
    Sherrie Hall
    Cedar Shoals High School
    Athens, Georgia
    Nominated by the Georgia Association of Water Professionals

91  Effects of Salinity on the Growth and Toxin Production of a Harmful Algal Species, Microcystis aeruginosa 
    Yupeng Liu
    Academic Magnet High School
    North Charleston, South Carolina
    Nominated by the South Carolina Water Environment Association

111  Quantification, Removal, and Recovery of AFPO from Contaminated Drinking Water with a Concomitant Endocrinological and Epidemiological Assessment 
    Kelydra Welcker
    Parkersburg South High School
    Parkersburg, West Virginia
    Nominated by the West Virginia Water Environment Association

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