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Third-Party TMDL Development Tool Kit

A third-party TMDL is a TMDL in which an organization or group other than the lead water quality agency takes responsibility for developing the TMDL document and supporting analysis.  A third party can be a watershed group, municipal wastewater or stormwater discharger organization, industrial discharger entity, other unit of government (such as a county, city, municipality, or land management agency), or nonpoint source organization (such as a farm bureau, irrigation and drainage district, or landowner).

Under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, WEF has developed a Tool Kit for third-party TMDL development.
 Toolkit Cover  


Third parties are often very familiar with local watershed issues and can provide valuable insights to the TMDL process. The involvement and economic support of third parties can leverage state funds, as well as the resources and expertise of other agencies and nongovernmental organizations. Third-party involvment in TMDL decisions may improve the level of stakeholder support for the TMDL, increase the likelihood of effective implementation of pollutant controls, and increase the degree of public understanding of TMDLs and water quality protection issues.

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