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You Asked for It. We Delivered!  WEF's Utility Partnership Program



Contact Brittany for questions and enrollment! 
Brittany Burch: | 703-684-2400 x 7213

The WEF Utility Partnership Program (UPP) is designed to allow utilities to join WEF and their local WEF Member Association (MA) while creating a comprehensive membership package for designated employees.

Utilities can consolidate all members within their organization onto one account and have the flexibility to tailor the appropriate value packages based on the designated employees’ needs. 

Utility Partnership Program brochure (in pdf format) 

Enrollment is Easy! 

  1. Contact a WEF representative ( who will search the WEF database for any employees linked to your utility.
  2. After receiving your list, WEF Staff will help you to choose the appropriate membership levels that fit the needs of your employees.
  3. Nominate an Elected Official for a complimentary WEF membership, and if you have employees who are new to WEF, choose up to five* for a no-charge first year membership.
  4. WEF will consolidate all memberships into one easy-to-follow invoice. Pay by check or credit card.
  5. Changes to your group can be made at any time throughout the year, just contact WEF Staff.
*Amount of complimentary first-year memberships based on total number of members who join.


Key Benefits Include:

  • UPP is fully customizable, based on the needs of each utility, and a WEF team member will be on-hand to walk each utility through the enrollment process.
  • Utility employees designated as members will have synchronized renewal dates, on ONE invoice, for an easy one-time per year payment.
  • All members, who were already WEF members, retain original membership number, credit for all years of membership, and remain a full-voting WEF member.
  • ALL employees at the UPP utility will be eligible for reduced WEFTEC registration rates. For more information please visit the WEFTEC UPP page.
  • All employees at the UPP utility will be eligible to register for a WEFTEC Exhibition-only pass at NO-Charge. 
  • WEFTEC registrations can be included in the UPP Membership transaction, at the time of enrollment or can be grouped and submitted closer to WEFTEC.
  • 1-2 no charge memberships for elected/appointed officials, designated by the utility at their discretion.
  • Up to 5* new WEF members can be added by the utility each year, at no charge for the first year of membership.
  • Members are eligible for up to 40% off most WEF products and services. In addition to traditional items this discount also extends to online learning in the new WEF Knowledge Center.
*Amount of complimentary first-year memberships based on total number of members who join.