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 New England WEA

The New England WEA has a new Public Education campaign called Water for Life.  The goal is to create awareness and action around key water industry topics: Health and Safety, Sustainability, and Career Opportunities. Click here for more information on this new initiative that was shared at WEFMAX 2016!


2016 YP Summit
YP at uMCLogo

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Chair: Alvin Pilobello |  
Co-Chair: Rocky Craley | 
WEF Staff: Dianne Crilley |
AWWA Staff: Nancy Sullivan | nsullivan@awwa.og   


Welcome by:                           

WEF President: Paul Bowen
California WEA Representative: Alec Mackie
AWWA President: Gene Koontz
California AWWA Representative: Sue Mosburg

Cost-Effectiveness Through Collaboration:
Southern California Water and Wastewater Agencies Form a One-Water Partnership
Presentation: by Jim Herberg, General Manager, Orange County Sanitation District
Presentation: by Michael Markus, General Manager Orange County Sanitation District

Challenges of Advancing Potable Reuse:
Lessons Learned in Pure Water San Diego
Presentation: by John Helminski, Assistant Director of Public Utilities Dept., San Diego

Workplace Communication - Creating Stellar Presentations
Presentation: by Alec Mackie, CWEA Director of Communication and
Julie Taylor, CWEA Director of Education & Training 

Career Advancement: Leadership- Skills to Cultivate for a Succesful Career
Presentation: by Jim Clark, Senior Vice President, Black & Veatch Corporation 


YP Summit Sponsor: $2,500        Carollo Logo

Donor: YP Mentor - $1,000
American Ductile Iron Pipe; Arcadis; Black & Veatch Corporation; Gannett Fleming;
Garney Construction; and Raftelis Financial Consultants Inc.

Donor: YP Networker - $500
AE2S; California/Nevada AWWA; Brown and Caldwell; CH2M; California WEA; Greeley and Hansen; Hazen and Sawyer; HDR Inc; T&M Associates