Industry News - SMC earns Rs 51 crore by providing water to Industrial units. [Surat]

Source : Times of India
Date : 2014-04-05
SURAT : Supply of water to industrial houses in and around city has proved a profitable preposition of Surat Municipal Corporation ( SMC) in last financial year that completed on 31, March, 2014.

" For the first time in the history we have crossed the earning of Rs 50 crore from water sold to industrial units located in Pandesara," Said Jatin Shah , City Engineer, SMC.

SMC earned Rs 51 . 40 crore by selling water to 616 industrial units. Out of 616 connections, 125 connections are bigger than 1 inch connections and 491 connections are half inch connections.

SMC provided 60 million liters per day (MLD) water on daily basis at the rate of Rs 23 per kiloliters.

In coming days SMC will start providing 40 MLD of treated water from it's tertiary treatment plant and provide 20 MLD of potable water to these units. Treated water would be provided by SMC at the rate of Rs 19 per kiloliter.

SMC plans to provide treated water to industrial houses so that it can save potable water for other human use.

At present SMC supplies nearly 850 MLD of water to more than 14 lakh connections in the city.